New Views

Today the guys came out to install our new windows! Yay!

It was supposed to rain today, but instead the sun shone and the temps climbed up to 40 degrees–chilly, but not frigid. The windows were installed just in time because beginning tomorrow the weather is supposed to worsen with colder temps and heavy lake effect snow. Lake effect snow is when moisture from the Great Lakes is picked up and dumped on us in the form of heavy snow. We live in a “snow belt” where the snow gets dumped.

I never know what I’m supposed to do when people come to work on our house. Am I supposed to stand around and chat with them? Leave them alone to work? Make them coffee and/or cookies? Today I chatted a little and offered to make them coffee, but mostly I left them to work.

The guys installed the window in the kitchen first. I stayed out of the way in the living room, crocheting items for an Etsy order. When the guys began to work on the living room windows, I went out to look at the window they had finished in the kitchen. We had ordered windows with lattice (can’t remember what they are called) but these didn’t have them. The previous installers obviously ordered the wrong windows. They also never called to schedule the installation and never returned our calls. Lowes switched us to new installers who were awesome.

I decided to say nothing about the windows because we had had such trouble getting the work done and I was so thankful that the windows were getting installed before the bad weather. The new windows don’t match the other ones but I actually like the windows without the lattice much better. Without the lattice hindering our view, the windows look so much bigger even though they are the same size as the old ones. It feels as if nature is coming right into our house. It’s awesome. And eventually we will get the other windows replaced so everything will match. EJ and JJ also love the new windows and consider the mis-ordered windows to be a blessing.

Although we love the new windows, we all agreed that they are very spooky at night. The lattice windows were almost like bars that kept the darkness out. Without them, the darkness seems so powerfully menacing–like it’s pouring into the house. Eric actually closed the blinds for the first time ever in order to keep out the night. LOL.

Here are some photos from today:

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2 Comments on “New Views

  1. I agree that the new windows do look much bigger. At least you have blinds in place and curtains. We have lived here for 16 years, and I still cannot decide on curtains. It wouldn’t be so bad, but we do live in town and sometimes a curtain would be nice. I think if my husband ever retires and is home all day, he will insist on curtains. Ha! Enjoy the new windows, and do keep the night out.

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    • Ha ha! That’s so funny that it’s taking you 16 years…and counting…to find curtains! I’m sure that you will know when you find the “right” ones.

      I’m so thankful we got our windows in when we did. A day later and the temps began to drop and the snow began to fall. There is no way that the window guys could have made it up our driveway with all this snow!


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