When the Trees Get Angry

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and Hanukkah!

Because of the ice storm that was forecasted to hit yesterday, we decided to stay home on Christmas/Hanukkah. We probably could have gone to the matinée showing of the newest Star Wars movie because the storm wasn’t suppose to hit until later in the day, but we didn’t want to risk getting caught in bad weather. We had a wonderfully quiet day at home. We actually got a lot done. While EJ puttered in his garage, I did a bunch of my regular chores and then together we shoveled the straw out of the garage where the chickens and ducks had been and dismantled their cage. EJ now has his whole garage back. EJ and JJ also worked on the Buggy which had muffler problems. Later I made popcorn and we watched the movie A Christmas Story. We loved it.

During last night it rained, thundered, and iced. I was somewhat aware of the storm but I didn’t fully wake. EJ got up and unplugged our computers and stuff.  JJ slept in total unawareness of the storm.

Red, gray, and black squirrels
Red, gray, and black squirrels

Everything was frozen this morning but the temperatures quickly warmed up–going as high as 50+ degrees. We heard that the temps were going to abruptly drop about mid-afternoon and we didn’t want to risk getting caught out on icy roads so EJ and I decided that it would be best to stay home even though we had errands to run. I wasn’t sure that we even would make it down the driveway if it was icy. We enjoyed a leisurely morning of drinking coffee and enjoying the wild birds flittering outside the window. I looked out the window at one point and saw three squirrels eating the seeds that had fallen from the birdfeeders. The squirrels were three different colors: red, black, and gray.

One of the dead Daleks

I also noticed that the warm temperatures had killed all my snow Daleks. But that’s ok because every year the BBC has a Doctor Who Christmas Special in which the world faces an overwhelming alien enemy–like the Daleks–who seeks to destroy the earth. And every Christmas the Doctor and his companions defeat the alien enemy. So even though I wished they could have lasted longer, building Daleks at Christmas and then having them destroyed is totally appropriate.

When I went out to check on my ducks and chickens later this morning, I noticed how very warm it was and observed that the snow was all punky so we decided on a quick trip to the Emerald City. If we were fast, we could make it home again before everything froze up.

Before we left, I called Sears. Ever since we moved here, our mattress has grown increasingly more uncomfortable until it became absolutely torturous. We surmised that either our bed or our mattress had been affected by the move up here. Over the last year, we have problem-solved and tweaked, starting with the most minor and least expensive possibility and then trying different and more extreme measures. First we bought new box springs. We had to leave the other one at the old house because it wouldn’t fit down the stairs. Then we bought a foam topper. Then EJ built a platform. Our tweaking sometimes seemed to help for a bit, but not enough and not permanently. Christmas eve we dragged the mattress out to the living room and slept on it. We felt that if we slept well on just the mattress, we would know the problem was the bed. We didn’t sleep well and woke up in agony so we finally concluded that the problem was definitely the mattress. We really didn’t want to have to spend more money right now, but we can’t continue enduring little sleep and aching bodies so we figure a new mattress is an absolutely necessity. We would have gone to get the new mattress today so we could sleep on it tonight, but Sears said they don’t keep any in stock and that we must order one. So I ordered a mattress and it will be delivered on January 12th. Meanwhile, I am sleeping on the couch and EJ slept last night in his chair.

The beautiful emerald water of the Emerald City
The beautiful emerald water of the Emerald City

We crossed “going to Sears to buy a mattress” off our list. Next we drove into the Emerald City. We totally enjoyed the beautiful drive. The water of the bay was a beautiful emerald green.

Our first stop was at the college bookstore so JJ could buy his books for next semester. However, the college is completely shut down this week, so he will have to buy them next week.

We stopped at Joann Fabrics because I needed to buy a few skeins of yarn. They were having terrific sales so I was able to buy four instead of one. Yay! Next we went to EJ’s company so we could throw the terrible awful no good torture device of a mattress in the dumpster. One of the perks of working at this company is that employees can dump their trash, etc., in the dumpster for free. Yay! Our last stop was at a store where EJ used the gift card that JJ had given him for Christmas/Hanukkah. I spent mine for books at Amazon. Every day when I walk down the driveway for the mail, I stop to see if they have magically appeared in the Magic Box.

We made it home long before the temperature dropped and the roads froze. As we drove up the driveway, we encountered a small flock of turkeys walking up the driveway. We didn’t want to scare or injure them so EJ slowly drove behind them…while I videoed them. We really enjoy the turkeys.

EJ went out to putter in his garage and JJ went to his computer while I fixed supper. I made steak, latkes (in honor of Hanukkah), and french style green beans. After we ate, I went to settle the chickens and ducks in for the night.

Fallen tree
Fallen tree

That’s when I noticed how strong the wind was blowing. I could hear it moaning around the house “WHOOOooooooo!” It swayed the trees from side to side so that they looked like angry Ents marching to Isengard. EJ said his garage creaked like an old sailing ship. Every now and then we heard the crack and crash of a tree crashing to the ground. One fell right across the big rocks in our front yard. Fortunately, it missed the house. It even missed the bird feeders. EJ and JJ parked the Buggy at the bottom of the driveway safely away from large trees and so we can get out if a tree falls across the driveway.

We can’t see anything outside the windows now that it is dark so not long ago EJ and I took our flashlights and walked around the house to see if we could see any fallen trees. None were visible in our yard, but I’m sure there are some in the forest. The stars were out, crisp and clear, wind howled and moaned and tore at our coats, the trees swayed and creaked. It was wildly exciting, but I’ll be glad when the wind stops. To be honest, it’s a little bit scary to live in a forest when the wind howls and the trees get angry.


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  1. Visiting your site is truly an enchanting experience.

    off topic: I noticed when I looked at your site when I first visited that there was some mention of emotional bullying. I may stop by to talk to you about my recent experience thereof.


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