This afternoon JJ walked down to the mailbox with me, but before we walked down to the driveway, we took the chickens and ducks some carrots and cabbage. I videoed JJ giving the birds their treats. JJ noticed that Sassy, our alpha rooster, would leap up for a piece of cabbage and then drop it down to the ground for the others. Sassy takes good care of his flock.

Tonight I went out to shut the chickens and ducks into their shed/coop. When the poultry was in the garage, before the shed was built, there were a couple of times when I a chicken was left outside all night. Poor thing. So I make sure I always count the chickens to make sure they are all in. Tonight I found Bat-roo lying on top of the inside coop. He wasn’t moving. He was obviously dead. I went inside and got EJ to come out and take care of him for me. EJ said Bat-roo’s neck was broken. Since he had obviously died inside the shed, we believe he had flown up and hit his head on the ceiling. I think he was probably having a conflict with one of the other roosters. This is our first casualty. I’m a little sad because I care about my chickens, but not as sad as when one of the cats die, and not as sad as if my dog Danny had died. Now we have only two roosters.


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