Duck Delight

The weather was very nice this weekend. On Saturday it was sunny and the temperature was about 60. We put in the screens and opened up all the windows. We also got out our patio chairs (I had the table already set up) and sat out on our small deck with EJ’s friend who came to visit. He spent the night and drove downstate to visit his daughter after he left our house. We enjoyed his visit.

Today it was cloudy and windy, but the temps were in the mid 70s! I did laundry and dried the clothes out on the clothesline. They dried very quickly in the wind.

A starling was beginning to build a nest in a hole in the porch ceiling, so EJ fixed it today. Meanwhile, using leftover fencing, I set up some temporary fencing to enlarge the ducks’ area. It encloses EJ’s raised beds so the ducks can help keep the bug population down. I keep planning and re-planning how I want to do the fencing. I liked what I did today so I think I will make it more permanent. I had originally planned to buy more 8 foot fencing, which I would need if I wanted to let the chickens in the area. However, to save money I think I will just use our extra 4 foot fencing. The ducks don’t fly over the shorter fencing like the chickens do. I might be able to rework the chickens’ area to give them a little extra room.

With the enlarged area, I had enough space to set out the kiddie pool for the ducks. They loved it! I had filled the pool up to the top, but they splashed most of it out in their joy…so I filled it again. A month or so ago I filled an upsidedown saucer sled with water for a small pool. I will keep using that as a small pool because it’s easier for Esther, our lame duck, to get in and out of. Here are some of the ducks enjoying the larger pool:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After I hung the clothes on the line and set up the fence, I dug up another wheelbarrow load of lilies and planted them along the driveway. I fixed a quick lunch and then EJ and I went to the farm store for feed. Someone was at the front of the store selling cute rabbits. We petted then, but did not buy any. Neither did we buy any adorable ducklings or chicks that the farm store was selling further in the store, although we did stop to admire them. We were very strong to resist every temptation put in our path!

After the farm store, we went to the grocery store to buy Passover supplies. We had to go to a larger store because the nearby store where JJ works doesn’t have Kosher wine or matsah bread. When we got home, I did my other chores–cleaned out litter boxes, set up coffee pot for tomorrow, washed dishes, folded clothes.

I very exhausted…but it was a good day.


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