Danny the Thief

Adorable cat slippers

My dear friend sent me some adorable cat slippers that she had come across and bought for me. The slippers are have hard soles–very important because I hate stepping in spilled liquid or melted snow and getting my socks wet. In the winter, I end up changing my socks about 4-5 times a day because snow gets tracked in. So these hard soled slippers are perfect! And they are warm and fuzzy and will keep my feet warm in the winter. AND they are adorable.

Poor EJ has been suffering with intense back pain over the last several days. Yesterday he drove to work but he didn’t think he would make it through the day so he took a sick day and came back home. His usual pain meds weren’t helping so he contacted his doctor and she called in some stronger meds. I drove him to the pharmacy and he seemed to do better after taking the meds, although he’s still in great pain. He went to work this morning and I’m praying the inflammation goes down, and the pain goes away, so his work day isn’t torturous.

Yesterday morning the temperature was in the low 30s, but steadily rose through the day to the 60s. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. I couldn’t seem to get warm and felt colder than I do even in the cold winters. It’s hard to work when I just want to wrap myself in a blanket, wear my comfy cat slippers, and warm my hands and insides with hot cups of coffee or tea. Finally, though, I warmed up and got moving. I poured the poultry feed from their bags into buckets that had once held kitty litter–we use the kitty litter buckets for everything around here.

Our cat Tesla died last autumn. She was very old–so old that she had lost most of her teeth. In the last year or so before her death, I had been buying canned food for her because I didn’t think she could handle the dry food. After her death, I kept buying it for our cat Annie, who lives in the garage. I felt sorry for her because she lost her companion, Tesla, and I think she is lonely–so I give her an extra treat. I noticed that Annie didn’t eat most of the can so I started to give her half of the can–along with a scoop of dry food–and I bring in the rest of the can for the inside cats. I put it on our bench in the entrance hallway next to their dish of dry food until I noticed that Danny would sneak through the pet door and steal the can of food. Now I put the can on the table. Danny still gets the rest of the can when the cats knock it off onto the floor.

Danny also steals Annie’s food. He is such a mooch hound! I usually feed Annie in the garage on my way out to care for the ducks and chickens in the morning. Danny always wants outside just after I come back into the house and he slowly, and seemingly randomly–but not!–meanders around the house, through the pet door in the garage, and steals Annie’s food. I’ve been trying to figure out a good place to put her food that Danny can’t reach. Yesterday I decided to put it on top of a table in the garage.

In the afternoon, I went outside and dug up another wheelbarrow of tiger lilies to plant along the driveway. I’ve lost count of how many wheelbarrow loads I’ve transplanted. We still have many lilies near the boulders at the top of the hill. I’m not going to remove them all, but we don’t need so many spreading over the hill and we do need them along the driveway. My first few wheelbarrow loads of lilies I spaced down the driveway and every additional load I fill in gaps between lilies. I would like to get wildflower seeds to sprinkle along the driveway too to make a magical path up to our house.

I heard that the likelihood of Northern Lights is strong, so yesterday evening I started keeping an eye on the sky. I think I saw the Lights just before sunset when the sky was still light. I saw faint pillars in the northern sky. I showed EJ and he said, yup, those are the Northern Lights. I kept going outside after dark to see if I could see them, but I am not as good at recognizing them as EJ is, and he was in too much pain to keep coming outside with me to check. I think we could see the Northern Lights more often if we had a clearer view of the horizon, but the trees and hills block a lot of our view so we can only see the Lights if they are very intense and overhead. After EJ went to bed, I went outside a few more times to look for the Lights, but it was very dark, and I kept hearing odd creaks in the forest. I think it was the strong breeze making the trees creak, but it wasn spooky and I kept imaging bears creeping up on me…or maybe the Dogman.

The Dogman is a dog-man creature who supposedly roams my area of Northern Michigan. It originated as a ballad written years ago by a couple of radio personalities as an April Fool’s Day joke, but it has grown into a legend. People declare they’ve seen him. We like to joke about “being careful of the Dogman” when any of us leaves the house at night, but when the forest creaks eerily in the dark, when my flashlight can’t penetrate the darkness…well. I thought that with EJ asleep and JJ inattentive, I could go outside and disappear and no one would miss me until morning. So I decided that it was best to stay inside, safe from the dark creaky forest.

This morning as I finish my final cup of coffee, I am contemplating the tasks I would like to accomplish today. Tomorrow it is supposed to storm but today the temperatures will reach into the mid-70s–a perfect day to work outside.


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