Shades of Spring

Today it is rainy. It is a steady all day soaking sort of rain. It is supposed to rain through Tuesday, I think. We could get a couple of inches. I’m thankful we are not getting as much rain as states like Oklahoma are getting. I’ve heard that some areas over there are getting 8 inches of rain, and experiencing a lot of flooding.

Shades of Spring

I love watching Spring “happen.” It’s fun and amazing to see a tint of green on the landscape, so slight that I have to strain to see it. And then watch day-by-day as the green grows more visible and vibrant. I love all the various shades of green as well. Spring is exciting.

I had all sort of tasks to work on today, but they were all outside and I can’t work on them in the rain. I like rainy days, but they make me drowsy and I have trouble getting motivated. Today was actually a “pot and a half” day. We drank down one pot of coffee and needed another half pot to wake us up. The ducks love the rainy day.

A rain-blurred view of the raised beds outside the window

We did a few things outside. EJ burned the papers. Rainy days are good for burning because the world is wet and won’t set fire to our forest. After asking EJ if he intended the wooden boxes sitting outside the garage to be raised beds, I moved two of them into the garden area, which is inside the duck pen, and EJ moved the other two. Two are to the right and two are in front of the hot tub garden. We have to fill them with gravel and then dirt, but we can’t do that on a rainy day.

EJ fixed the towel rack in the bathroom and I’ve been doing laundry. I won’t be drying the clothes outside today!

My transplanted cacti.

My two cactus plants were outgrowing their pots so I transplanted them into larger pots. I’m always afraid when I transplant them into larger pots that they won’t make it. It was tricky transplanting them this time because they have grown so big. I had to be careful that they didn’t break off as I removed them from their old pots. I wore gloves but the gloves were not thick enough to prevent needles from poking me so I ran and got a thick hot pad to hold them and after I transplanted them, I had to pull many tiny needles out of my hand. It’s hard to believe that my cacti were just tiny little nubs when I bought them at Walmart years ago. The cactus will no longer be moved outside with the other house plants in the summer because the pots are now too big and heavy to move. I had a hard enough time moving them last year.

Our cat Kee-Kee thinks he is a dog. We put our burnable trash in grocery bags and just burn the whole thing in the burning barrel. Kee-Kee keeps getting into the burnable trash and spilling it on the floor so usually we have to keep the bags on top of the unburnable trash can. I’ve been wanting to get a photo of him and finally accomplished it this morning. This way I can “cat shame” him. Kee-Kee is a bad cat-dog when he tips over the trash. But he’s adorable in every other way. He likes to sleep on my pillow at night–above my head. Sometimes he sleeps on my face.

Kee-Kee in the trash

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