The Xylophone

EJ went back to work today–although between his coughing and our uncomfortable bed, he didn’t get much sleep last night. He could barely walk this morning, but he couldn’t miss another day of work. I prayed for him constantly throughout the day. He made it through the day, which is an improvement.

This sure is a nasty sickness! EJ says his lungs feel as if they are burning. I can’t take a deep breath without triggering a terrible coughing fit. I didn’t sleep well last night either, and I kept coughing when I went to bed tonight and I didn’t want to keep EJ awake so I decided that I might as well come out to write. If I continue to cough, I will sleep on the couch tonight so he can sleep.Β EJ said that one of his co-workers told him that his wife had the same symptoms we have and she didn’t get rid of the sinus infection for three weeks. Ugh.

Despite the coughing, I’m feeling better. I was still going to take it easy today and maybe take a nap or two, but I ended up doing a lot of stuff–more than I had planned.

First of all, I dismantled the platform EJ had made for our bed. We have been having a lot of trouble sleeping comfortably. Even I, who don’t struggle with back problems, wake up with a sore back. I have never had such problems with a bed before we moved up here. I suspect maybe something got damaged in the move. The problem is that we can’t figure out the source. We have made several “tweaks,” including buying a box springs (we had to leave our old one downstate because we couldn’t get it out of the house…long-ish story), buying a memory foam topper, building a platform, and buying a new mattress. Our tweaks help a little, but not enough. We are running out of things to tweak. Last night we moved the memory foam topper to see if that would help, but EJ could barely walk this morning. So after he left for work, I removed the platform and later ordered a sturdy metal bed frame that had high reviews. Maybe that will work. I hope so. Until the bed frame arrives, I put the box springs on the floor inside our wooden bed frame with the mattress and topper on top. I think it felt more comfortable, but couldn’t stop coughing enough to really check it out. The biggest problem is getting out of bed because the sides of the bed are a bit higher than the box springs and mattress.

In addition to dismantling the bed platform, I maneuvered the box springs and mattress inside the wooden bed frame, washed the mattress covers, sort of worked at organizing EJ’s garage just a little bit, cleaned the house, and took the house plants outside. I think it’s warm enough now that we won’t get any frost. I did my regular poultry chores, including cleaning their coop a bit, and I walked down the driveway to get the mail. I made potato salad and hamburgers for supper. I also looked on-line for an inexpensive lawn mower in case we can’t get the mower started and we have to buy a new one. One way or another, I want to mow the lawn this weekend. The grass is getting long. I read at FB that it’s possible to rent a goat to keep a lawn short, but EJ was against that. (LOL). I might have done a few more things. Or not. I can’t really remember. I know I did a lot and I didn’t get a nap.

At 5 p.m. tonight the UPS Man arrived with our package. He gave Danny two dog treats. Danny loved that! The package contained vacuum cleaner bags, a book for EJ, and the xylophone for the chickens. I was in the middle of cooking supper so I had to wait to take it out to them. Once we had eaten, I took it out to the coop. Chickens are always wary of anything new, but Henny Penny did peck it a few times. She is my favorite hen because she always comes running when she sees me. She also is the most willing to try new things. Of course, I videoed the chickens’ first encounter with the xylophone:

The ducks wondered what all the fuss was about, so after I left the chicken pen, I showed them the xylophone. They nibbled it a little, but lost interested when they saw it wasn’t something to eat. I think the ducks prefer eating and talking.

We had a bit of rain this evening, which is good. We need rain.


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