Wooden boxes on stacked up pallets

We decided we ought to make the raised garden boxes less accessible to the ducks so Sunday morning I went out and dragged some of the old pallets that the previous owner had left into the duck pen. I stacked them two high and placed the boxes on top of them.

Later, EJ and I went grocery shopping for a few things–including items for a cookout for Memorial Day. After we got home, I prepared lunch and made a potato salad for the next day. It began to rain–an amazing downpour.

Long grass

Before it began raining, EJ worked some more on the lawn mower. He finally gave up on trying to fix it–at least for now. Our grass is getting longer and longer and we need results. After lunch we drove to TSC to buy a new mower. Lowes had one that was a little cheaper, but we really didn’t feel like making the long drive to Lowes. After we bought the mower, we stopped in at Meijers (it’s a store sort of like Wal-mart) to buy some vegetable plants and herbs. It was still raining so we got pretty wet browsing through their outdoor garden center. We bought some tomato, bell and hot peppers, watermelon, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, thyme, basil, oregano, parsley, and cabbage plants. There may be a couple more plants that I’m forgetting. I didn’t buy rosemary because I already have a rosemary plant–and I also have a bay plant.

We used to go to Memorial Day activities when we lived downstate, but we aren’t really aware of where ceremonies are up North. Plus, with EJ’s back hurting and us both feeling sick, we just wanted to putter around home.

Today after breakfast and several cups of coffee, I went outside to prepare the garden boxes for planting. All morning I kept coughing and coughing–deep hacking coughs that I couldn’t stop. As soon as I went outside, I vomited several times in three different places. I actually felt better afterwards. I’m still coughing, but not as constantly as before. Ugh. I hate these sinus infections and will be glad when EJ and I are feeling better. It feels as if we have been sick FOREVER!

Our planted garden!

I used old straw from the coop and put it in the bottom of the boxes. Then I spent several hours digging up black dirt from the only non-sandy area on our property. I shoveled the dirt into the wheelbarrow, wheeled it into the duck pen, and filled up the boxes. It took me lots of wheelbarrow loads. I forgot to count how many trips I made. I was exhausted by the time I was finished filling the boxes.

Mowed lawn

Meanwhile, EJ put together the new mower and mowed the lawn. He said the  mower worked really well! Since the grass had gotten so long, he put the mower on a high setting. Next time we mow, he will put it on a lower setting so the grass is cut shorter.

After mowing the lawn, EJ got the charcoal grill going, and cooked the delicious steak he had bought yesterday morning. When the steaks were almost done, I started boiling the corn-on-the-cob. We also had potato salad that I had made yesterday. JJ didn’t have to work today so he went to the store and contributed with some corn chips and strawberries. I made strawberry shortcake for dessert. The meal was delicious–especially EJ’s steak!!!

Plant Nursery

After we ate, EJ and I went back to the garden to plant the veggies and herbs we had bought yesterday. EJ really wanted to help me, but his back is still hurting (poor, poor guy) so he sat in the lawn chair and handed me plants and helped me decide where to put them. When we finished, we still had room for more plants, so we decided to go to the beautiful plant nursery that isn’t very far away. It started to rain as we drove, and I was thinking we were going to have another day of looking for plants in the rain, but the rain quickly stopped. At the nursery I bought a few more pepper plants (both sweet and hot), a few more tomato plants, and lemon grass (it’s supposed to help fight cancer).  I added some aspargus plants to my cart, but EJ said, “Where are you going to plant it? It needs more than a box.” I said, “Uh, I dunno.” EJ’s family grew aspargus when he was growing up, but I have never grown any. I put it back–for now–until I figure out where to plant it.

EJ bought an Empire apple tree–his favorite kind. When we got back home, I sort of helped EJ plant his apple tree. He actually dug the hole and place the tree in it–which he shouldn’t have done because it increased his pain again. Poor guy. 😦

Then we went out to the duck pen to plant the new plants. I told EJ that he didn’t have to come with me if he was in too much pain, but he said he enjoys being with me, so he sat in his chair while I planted. The ducks started eyeing the lemon grass, which was in a shallower box–and then one of them nibbled it. Grrrr! They are supposed to eat the bugs that menace our plants; they are NOT supposed to eat the plants!! I found a piece of cattle panel and leaned it against the box so the ducks can’t access it as easily. I might have to see what bits and pieces of fencing I can find to block off the shallower garden boxes.

EJ wants to keep the sweet pepper plants separated from the hot pepper plants, so we planted the sweet peppers in the raised garden and I am planting the hot pepper plants in the boxes on the front porch. I didn’t get the hot peppers planted because I was too tired. I will do it tomorrow.

I’m so excited about our garden!

After we finished our gardening, I washed the day’s dishes, set up the coffee machine for tomorrow, cleaned the litter boxes–all my regular chores. Then I dished us up some yummy strawberry shortcake.

I’m really tired!


4 Comments on “Planting

  1. You make us tired just following all you guys have been doing. But isn’t it nice at the end of the day just to look around and see all that got accomplished. You kids are amazing and our love to you all.



    • We love, love, love our new home and the work we do here is a delight event though we get tired.

      I hope you and Bob are well! We love you!


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