Gang of Thieves

Early yesterday evening I looked out the window and saw two eggs lying on the grass. The ducks do have regular nest areas where they lay their eggs, but sometimes they just drop an egg wherever. I don’t want the eggs to attract predators so I usually go out to get them as soon as I notice them.

I walked through the garage on my way to the duck pen, opened the back garage door, and then noticed the flock of turkeys at the edge of the property so I quickly ducked back into garage and into the house. As soon as I got into the house, EJ drove up–just getting home from work. With all the interruptions, I thought for sure the turkeys would go back into the forest, but they came into the front yard, ate a few berries and grasshoppers, and then continued down the hill. They don’t stick around if they see us, but they also don’t panic. They just sort of meander on their way. I think the adult turkeys are beautiful with the various patterns on their feathers and different shades of brown, and the babies–as all babies are–are adorable.

This afternoon when I went out to refill water buckets with fresh water and gather eggs, I spied a gang of thieves stealing from the garden. They had even posted a lookout, but he wasn’t much good. The thieves were at the back of the garden, hidden behind raised garden beds, and I don’t think they were aware that I had spotted them. I quickly took a video of them for evidence:

They were such adorable thieves that I let them think they had gotten away with their naughty deed. But later I tried to push the plants up out of their reach.


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