Numbers Six and Seven

We still didn’t have the Suburban back from the repair shop so I had to take him to work again this morning. Well, actually he drives to work and I drive back home. I get home just in time to hand JJ the keys and he goes off to work. When he got home from work, he handed me the keys and I went to pick up EJ.

The repair shop called EJ to let him know that the Sub was ready. EJ was hoping to get out of work at his normal time, but the end of the month is always very busy for him because his company tries to get all the month’s shipping out. I didn’t really mind waiting because I had brought things to do–a book and crocheting and some ice tea.

The only problem with EJ getting out later is that we had to zoom to the repair shop to pick up the sub before it closed. We made it with 20 minutes to spare. Although I really enjoy the scenery, I’m kind of glad I don’t have to take EJ to and from work every day.

I spent the morning burning the scrap wood EJ had set aside. He worked at organizing the garage again yesterday. All the contents of the basement and garage in the old house were jammed into the garage as we moved up here. EJ has been sorting through everything, organizing his tools, burning what can be burned, and throwing out useless junk. Fortunately, his company has a large dumpster for the employees to drop off their junk (for free!), so EJ keeps taking loads in. He is really making progress in the garage. I help when I can….like burning scraps of wood.

Saturday when EJ and I drove JJ to work, we saw the Ospreys and Eastern Kingbirds. Later that evening, we saw another unfamiliar bird on the chair on our deck. We learned it was an Eastern Phoebe. That made SIX new birds that I have seen in July!

Tonight I was doing dishes and saw a little brown bird in our flower garden. I grabbed my camera, but it flew to another part of the garden. While I was trying to locate it, I saw a beautiful blue bird. It was gorgeous! I almost got a photo of it, but it flew off a second before I pushed the button on the camera. I looked it up, and it was an Indigo Bunting. I suspect the brown bird was the female Indigo Bunting. That is SEVEN new birds I’ve seen in July!

I’m having fun.

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