Rain, Rain, And Other Things

I started to write this post on Saturday evening, but EJ and I decided to have a campfire out in our yard instead. I’m only now finding the time to continue my interrupted post. In fact, I have repeatedly tried to work on this post over the last few days and hours.

We had rain, rain, and more rain for three days–Wednesday through Friday. I think the first day it rained the hardest and caused the most erosion in our driveway. On Thursday we officially had 1.23 inches of rain in our area. That same day there was also an EF0 tornado just a few miles away from us.

The chickens stayed in their coop while the heavy rain fell, but the ducks stayed out in the rain and played in the mud. I think that one of the rouen ducks was wanting to be a Mama–she sat on four eggs in the doghouse in the garden all afternoon. She was still there in the evening when I went out to put them all to bed in their coop. I nudged her on her way and took the eggs and she has been ok since then.

Sunday EJ and I spent the afternoon working at organizing the garage. We made a tremendous amount of progress. It’s a daunting task, but we make progress each time we tackle it.

The days are getting noticeable shorter on both ends. My routine had been to let the ducks and chickens out of their coop as soon as I got up in the mornings at 6 a.m. Now it’s dark at that time, so I have to wait to let the birds out until almost 6:30 a.m. This morning when I went out, Sassy was crowing but all the chickens were all still roosting on their perch in the coop. The ducks rushed out as soon as I opened the coop doors, even though it was not quite fully light. It’s hard to believe that it will soon be autumn…and then winter.

Waiting for EJ to get out of work

I’m not sure what the original problem with the Suburban was, but when we picked it from the repair shop last week, the brakes made a noise that they hadn’t made before. So late Sunday afternoon we dropped it off at the repair shop again, which meant that I had to drop EJ off at work Monday morning and pick him up at the end of his shift. Part of me thinks, “Ugh, it’s such a hassle to drive into the city twice a day,” even though I gladly and unhesitantly do it for EJ. The other part of me thoroughly enjoys the drive through the beautiful countryside. Every time I see the beauty around me–which is all the time–I am thankful that we live here.

The problem with the sub was minor, and we were able to pick it up later on Monday. I drove to EJ’s company to pick him up and we drove right to the repair shop. EJ took the scenic route to the shop. Actually, every route is scenic…I guess I should say he took a different-than-usual scenic route. The shop didn’t charge us for the work, which I think was fair, and which I was hoping they would do.


This morning I mowed the lawn. After the three days of rain, the grass had really grown long. When I mowed near the chickens, they all followed me back and forth on their side of the fence. Chickens always rush up to me whenever they see me, which makes me feel very loved by them. 🙂

The turkeys continue to bring their babies up to the house every now and then. It’s really fun watching the little ones grow.

Fingerless Dragon Gloves

I’ve been working on crocheting new items for my Etsy store. One of the items is Fingerless Dragon Gloves. I made them with Dragonfly Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn. I think they are very beautiful. I’ve already sold my first pair to one of my Facebook friends, and another friend wants to buy a couple pairs as well. You can order them at my Etsy store, Teric’s Treasures.

I’m also working on a couple of other projects, which I will share when I complete them.


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