Morning Scolding

We had been hearing for several days that a strong magnetic storm had hit the earth, meaning that the Northern Lights could be seen far to the south. The first two days thick clouds hid the stars so we had no chance of seeing anything, but last night the sky was clear, so EJ and I went out to look for the Northern Lights. We live on a hill surrounded by forest, so often we can’t see the Lights if they are lower toward the horizon. So last night about 10 p.m., EJ drove us around to more level ground. We had gone out a bit too late because the moon was rising it’s light was washing out the stars. We finally went to a ball park which is on the shore of a large lake not to far from home.

We had just taken a few steps away from the suburban when the spotlight from a police car on the road was directed toward us. We have heard reports from Northern Light watchers at Facebook that they are sometimes asked by police why they are stopped along lonely roads or in parks in the night, so I rather expected it. Sure enough, the police car turned into the parking lot of the ball field. We explained that we were out looking for the Northern Lights, which were supposed to be very strong. The officer said that they had reports of a drunk guy wandering along the roads and he wondered if we had seen him. We said we hadn’t seen him, but we would keep an eye out. After the officer left, we walked to the shore, but we didn’t see any Lights. Bummer.

This morning I slept in.

During the week, I set my alarm at 6 a.m. so I spent time with EJ before he goes to work. As soon as I wake up, I divided up a can of food between the four cats and take the rest of it out to Annie, our outside cat. Then I go out to the duck pen, fill their pool and water buckets, and go into the coop to open the ducks’ and the chickens’ little doors.

During the weekend, I don’t have to wake up at 6 a.m., especially when the sun rises later. However, the animals still expect me to keep to my morning routine. This morning the cats tried to wake both EJ and I by jumping on us. EJ got out of bed sooner, but it took the cats until 7 a.m. to wake me up. As soon as I got up, the cats all followed me around letting me know that they were hungry and I could hear Annie yowling from inside the garage. So I dished out their food and gave it to them, and then went out to the duck pen to fill the pool and water buckets. While I worked, I could hear the ducks complaining and the chickens crowing and clucking. They were all up and ready to be released.

Sheesh. It’s pretty bad when the animals all scold me for trying to get a little extra sleep!

At night the cats try just as hard to get us into bed at the “proper” time as they try to get us up in the morning. It’s rather funny.

Today I redesigned my “business” Facebook page. I’ve struggled to find a focus for the page. It needed something more than just occasional postings about the new items I have for sell at Teric’s Treasures. I finally decided to change from my store name to my blog name. I’ll share my posts there and my store listings. Blog readers can interact with me at FB if they want. That could be fun. I figured out how to share a link to my Facebook page. It’s listed at the right of the screen.

I also figured out how to add customer reviews to my blog. That took hours of trying to figure it out, but I finally got it set up under the Teric’s Treasures link under the name of my blog. I also have links to my Teric’s Treasure blog page and to my Etsy store. Pretty cool. I have only one review listed at my blog so far–but it’s a start! Not everyone gives reviews, and some either review the items at Etsy or tell me privately that they liked my items.

Tomorrow EJ and I have to go to the farm store for pet food. Then we will probably do a few projects to get ready for winter.

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