Plum Crazy

I’ve gone kind of “sign crazy.” I’ve been having a lot of fun making cute little signs. I’m getting low on wooden letters so I’ve been constructing new letters out of old letters–like making an “R” into a “P” or a “Y” out of a “Z.” Eventually I’ll get to a craft store to buy more letters. 🙂

I used my purple paint pen to color the “Plum Crazy” letters. Then I turned the letters upside-down and painted the back with blue paint. Some of the blue paint got onto the front side, which I think gives the letters a wonderful “plum crazy” look. When I finished with the letters, I glued them to the gate leading into the poultry pens.


I painted other letters green. I glued some of them outside over the chicken’s little door, which is at the back of the coop:

I glued other letters for the ducks’ door. Since their door opens to a little alley between the coop and the garage, I glued the letters to the front of the coop with an arrow pointing to the ducks’ little door:

I have another sign that I’m working on. I’ll share it with you when I get it finished.

While I was outside gluing letters on the coop, I heard a flock of birds flying overhead. I looked up, but couldn’t see them. I kept hearing them so, curious, I went further into the garden so I could locate them. At first I still couldn’t see anything, but finally I saw a large flock of birds circling very high in the sky. They made sort of a cooing/warbling sound. I didn’t know what they were, but I videoed them so I could show EJ and maybe we could identify them. EJ immediately identified them as sandhill cranes. I have never before seen so many. It was very awesome! Here is the video:

2 Comments on “Plum Crazy

  1. That picture shows more cranes than we ever see at one time, except for last year in the fall when we hit on a day where there was a plethora of them in a slough on our way home from school. I have heard them a couple of times here in the last week. It must be a sign that it is time to go south. Now just waiting for the geese and the ducks to go. Enjoy your fall!!


    • The place we lived downstate was a big sandhill crane area, but I had only seen small groups (like 3-5) standing in fields now and then. I’ve never seen so many cranes as I saw in the photo/video. It was amazing! I think you are correct and they are gathering to move south. I hope you are enjoying your fall too! 🙂


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