Hannah Joy’s Enchanted Collar

We took Hannah Joy to the veterinarian yesterday afternoon. The vet checked her over, gave her a couple vaccines, and answered our questions about feeding her. This vet works closely with the county animal shelter, which is just down the street, so she was familiar with Hannah and the other two dogs who were rescued with her. She told us that we should wait for two months before we get Hannah spayed because she needs to increase her muscle mass before she undergoes anesthesia. When a dog (or a person, for that matter), is starved, her body consumes first the fat and then starts consuming muscle mass. Hannah is increasing in weight, but the vet said it will take longer to increase her muscle mass.

Rouens swimming in deep snow

It was snowing very hard when I got out of bed this morning. EJ estimates that we got about a foot of new snow. I had to shovel the snow away from the gates to the poultry pens before I entered. As soon as I open the coop door in the mornings, the ducks usually go outside, heading for the little pool, which I fill before I open the doors. This morning the snow was so deep that the ducks looked as if they were swimming in the snow. It was rather humorous.

As the sun rose, it revealed a beautiful snow-covered landscape. Every now and then some of the snow would get dislodge from the trees and it would fall in an avalanche. The raised garden beds are all covered with their snowy blankets. I don’t think anything is more beautiful than a snowy landscape. I feel sorry for people who live in warmer climates and don’t get to experience the beauty of winter.

Hi ho, hi ho!

The mail lady won’t deliver our mail if there is too much snow so not long after JJ left for work, EJ and I walked down the driveway with shovels to quickly shovel out the mailbox. With his shovel slung over his shoulder, I thought EJ looked like a dwarf marching off to the gold mines.

As soon as we got back to the house, EJ got out the snowblower and began clearing the deep snow from the rest of the driveway. With his little snowblower tractor, our neighbor cleared the end of the driveway for us where the big snowplows push the snow as they plow the roads. That’s a big help. I took a turn with the snowblower after a bit, and then EJ took over from me. I was going to back out for another turn, but I couldn’t get the laundry room door open and my boots and mittens were in there. EJ got it open when he finished the snowblowing. The knob was ruined by he said that he had noticed that the door was getting wonky this morning so he would have had to replace the door knob anyway.

Hannah’s collar

Hannah’s new collar arrived in the mail today. It is well-made and looks beautiful on her. The collar was made by a Etsy store called Fairy Tale Collars and it looks as if it totally belongs to a dog who lives in an Enchanted Forest. I told Hannah that it is a magical elvish collar and as long as she wears it, she will never be unloved.

EJ and I had to go to the hardware and grocery stores. We wanted to both go into the stores together and we didn’t want to leave Hannah in the cold car so we left her home alone for the first time. Hannah looked through the window forlornly when we got into the suburban without her, but she did fine at home.

As we shopped, I had an increasingly painful stomach ache. I was glad to get home. I was sick for most of the evening, but I’m feeling better now. I am assuming it was something I ate. Ugh.

JJ said he got a letter of appreciation and a plaque recognizing the good job he is doing at work. He had to work until 10 p.m. tonight. We got a lot of snow in our county, but the county where JJ works got tons. He said that they were getting four inches of snow an hour. He called when he left work and said there was about three feet of snow on his car. We are waiting for him to get home now.


2 Comments on “Hannah Joy’s Enchanted Collar

  1. We got snow here but nothing like you guys. As I’m reflecting on your beauty all around you I am looking out my window at a very full howling moon. Sure do enjoy mother nature and so glad you have Hannah Joy to lead you into the new year. Happy New Year!!


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