Hannah, Our Daugher

Thursday night we finally got a storm–the biggest we’ve had this year. It began to thunder just as I was thinking about heading to bed. I stayed up thinking that with all the thunder I wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway. However, when it continued, I decided to go to just go to bed. The thunderstorm woke me frequently throughout the night, and a few times I wondered if I should get up and unplug my laptop, but I fell back to sleep before the thought turned into action.

I was so tired from interrupted sleep that I went back to bed after EJ went to work the next morning–not that I’m complaining, we need the rain. After I slept for a bit, I got up, ate breakfast and drank coffee, and then went grocery shopping. I also had to do laundry. We were expecting a slight chance of rain, so I thought I’d had to dry the clothes in the dryer. However, the rain went north and south of us so I thought I’d risk hanging the clothes outside. The worst that could happen if it began to rain was that I’d have to run out and bring the clothes in. The day was rainless so I got all the clothes dried. During Friday night I heard the pitter patter of rain on the roof so we did get some more rain, which is good.

I thought the rain would bring coolness, but it brought heat and humidity instead. Ugh. I’ve been melting. I take Hannah outside, then sit in front of the fan to cool off. Do dishes, then sit in front of the fan to cool off. Take care of the ducks and chickens, and then sit in front of the fan to cool off. We have only one more week to endure before the guys come to repair our geo-thermal heating/cool system. EJ predicts that the weather will turn cool after we get air conditioning–because isn’t that the way it goes?–but we both agreed that cool weather would be good.

Saturday morning I woke up to the sound of Sassy Rooster crowing. I got out of bed and opened the curtains. I saw the ducks Daisy, Rose, Lilly, and Cuddles walking through the garden and I could see Sassy patrolling the dividing fence. I thought, “Huh. EJ must have let the ducks and chickens out for me.” He has done it for me before, but usually doesn’t. Then I thought, “Wait a minute. I don’t remember shutting them all up in the coop last night. I must have forgotten! Gasp!” This is the first time I ever forgot. EJ came out with me when I went to check on them in case a predator had slaughtered the hens. I was apprehensive when the only chicken I saw outside was Sassy. But everyone was ok. Whew. Hot weather must be addling my brain.

Except for the morning scare and hot weather, we enjoyed a quiet Saturday.

This morning we headed out early to TSC for poultry feed. Then we went to Meijers. They have a few products that our little grocery store doesn’t–such as large packages of toilet paper and non-GMO cereal. We bought ground beef that was on sale, colorful bell peppers that were on sale, a cabbage for coleslaw, and EJ also bought a few things for the vehicles (oil, headlight, etc.). On a whim, we threw a package of rawhide bones in the cart as a treat for Hannah. Then it was back home to put the items away.

Hannah and her bone

I gave Hannah her bone. We have bought her balls and ropes, but this is the first time we bought her a rawhide bone. We were curious to see how she would react. Oh, my goodness! She was ecstatic! She gnawed on it nonstop for at least 3 hours. EJ’s long-time friend TH came for a visit. We call him “Hannah’s favorite uncle” because when he met her on his last visit and made friends with her, she wouldn’t leave his side. When she heard him come through the door today, she carried her bone to see who it was, and then she growled at him as if afraid that he had come to steal her bone. Since I sometimes try to take paper towels away from her, she didn’t trust me either and kept turning her back on me if I got too close. We all kept telling her that none of us wanted to take her bone. For the rest of the visit, Hannah totally ignored her favorite Uncle in favor of her bone. I think I will give Hannah a bone whenever we need to leave her at home. Maybe it will keep her occupied and out of trouble. 

We call Hannah our “daugher”–a made up word combining “dog” and “daughter” which we pronounce as “dog-her”–because she is our dog daughter. LOL.

After Uncle TH left, EJ and I sat together at the kitchen table and cut up the red, orange, and yellow bell peppers. I like to freeze them for later use. We are growing some green bell peppers in our garden, but not enough to last the year, and I like a variety of colorful peppers to make pizza and other dishes festive. Next year I want to grow more peppers of different colors.

After we had sat in front of the fan for a while to cool off, we went outside together. EJ picked beans from the garden while I gathered eggs

Then we came inside and sat in front of the fan to cool off.


3 Comments on “Hannah, Our Daugher

  1. At least you know Hannah won’t try to get into the freezer for a beef broth frozen bone – you are a smart cookie! She sure was enjoying that bone … now you know how to keep her occupied for hours. You are right … EJ is right … just as soon as you have your new geothermal system in place, the weather will get cooler. The meteorologist said today that we are meteorologically halfway through the Summer – to you and me, if feels like we’ve been there for months – whew!


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