The Knife

Yesterday the weather was very beautiful. So I decided to mow the lawn.

I usually like to mow early in the day when the morning is still fresh and cool. However, yesterday I had to wait until about noon because there was heavy dew on the ground–so much that the grass was as wet as it would have been after a rain. The weather was actually kind of odd in that there was an autumn chill in the air and yet at the same time it was quite humid so I quickly became overheated, just as I do in the middle of summer.  One good thing about our new fenced in garden area in the back yard is that I have much less lawn to mow.

In addition to mowing the lawn, I did laundry and hung the clothes out to dry on the clothesline. There won’t be many more weeks when I will be doing that.

Later, not long after EJ got home from work, I moved a sweater that I had been laying on the bed and a small sharp knife fell on the floor. My mind froze in confusion: What was a knife doing in my sweater? Had I put it the knife in my pocket earlier when I was wearing the sweater? Why would I do that? I don’t remember doing it. Then EJ said, “Look at the handle! Hannah chewed it up!” Then I realized that while I was working outside, Hannah had taken the knife off the counter. I think it’s a bit scary that my dog is hiding knives in my bed. Was she planning to murder me in my sleep? EJ said, “The only thing scarier than a pitbull is a pitbull with a knife.” It was funny…although in reality pitbulls aren’t any scarier than any other dog with a knife. LOL.

Hannah also had carried a Lipton teabag onto the bed and tore it all up. I had to take the bedspread outside and shake it to get the tea grounds off. I guess my doggy got bored while she was in the house alone.

Today was quite rainy. It was a quiet steady rain with no dramatic lightning or thunder. I think it has rained more in the last few days than it has all summer combined. EJ and I walked in the rain to get the mail. I carried an umbrella while EJ just wore a hat. The rest of the day we just did quiet, restful activities. EJ isn’t feeling well–he has some sort of cold or sinus infection that he has been battling so the rest will do him some good.

A walk in the rain.



2 Comments on “The Knife

  1. Hopefully EJ has a day off tomorrow also and more rest time. Power outage at our kids in Lake City, so they too got some unplanned rest. Hannah is a story all in herself, keep enjoying and our love to all. Linda


    • I heard that there were some very bad storms downstate–and a tornado near Kalamazoo! I hope your kids get power restored soon! We just had steady rain yesterday but EJ said he read that there are still about 2,000 people without power from the bad storms a couple days ago.

      EJ is feeling pretty miserable. On the one hand it’s too bad that he is sick and can’t really enjoy his 3-day weekend. On the other hand, he has three days to rest and try to get healthy. So that’s good. I’m making him chicken soup today. 🙂

      I hope you are doing well. We send you our love!


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