The Wind and Sunset Red

It rained yesterday–sometimes lightly and sometimes a heavy downpour. It rained through the night. I woke once to heavy drumming on the skylight. It rained a little this morning, but it ended by mid-day, although there is still a slight chance of rain through the evening.

I was surprised at  how warm it was this morning when I went out to let the chickens out of their coop. I checked the thermometer: It was 70. Later the temperature fell and it grew cool enough that I needed a jacket when I went out to gather eggs. The highs tonight are only supposed to be in the low 40s. It feels very autumn-ish.

Through the day the clouds came and went. Sometimes the sky looked gray instead of blue. Sometimes big fluffy sheep-like clouds wandered across the blue sky. Then low blue-black clouds lumbered in. It was quite breezy this morning but the winds strengthened through the day. The National Weather Service had issued a “wind advisory” with gale force winds of 40-50 mph today. The winds tossed the trees and ripped green leaves off them, as if it were late autumn. It tipped over our garbage can and an old file cabinet EJ had set out to take to the dumpster at work. I was surprised that the chickens came out of their coop. I half expected the wind to pick them up and propel them through the air.

I enjoyed a slow morning as I drank cups of coffee until the pot was empty. EJ and I drink coffee together in the mornings, then he fills his thermos to take to work, and I get the remainder. Enough is left for me to be satisfying.

Sunset Red

Once the coffee was gone, I dressed in my oldest clothes: a pair of loose-fitting sweat pants that are ripped and my once-favorite Lord of the Rings t-shirt that is ragged and holy. I set up the boards I’m painting for my project, and opened a small can of paint called “Sunset Red.” I’m sure there’s a group of people somewhere who sit down and decide on the names for different colored paint to make them appealing to customers. Sometimes I think the names are silly–like “Jamaica Bay” or “Baroness.” But I confess that when given the choice between two similar shades of red paint, I chose “Sunset Red” because of the name.

I painted my boards and left them to dry. I was anticipating them drying quickly and being able to get them finished today, but they dried very slowly–maybe because of the humidity. Now I suspect it will take me several days to get it finished.

While waiting for my paint to dry, I changed back into nicer clothes and started some laundry, and then I went to our local grocery store to do some shopping for the next couple of weeks. Home again, I got everything put away rather quickly despite Hannah poking her head in the bags to see what I had bought. I called a friend to chat while I folded the newly washed clothes and then took a few practice tests for my license renewal. That’s pretty much how my day went.

Oh, yesterday I got a call from the dentist office. The receptionist said that they resubmitted my dental work to the (correct) insurance company, and it looks as if the insurance is going to pay for more than they thought. They refunded half of what I had paid. That’s super news! Usually it happens the other way around and we have to pay more than expected. This will be enough to mostly pay for gravel for our driveway. Whoo hoo!

I asked the dental receptionist if she could give me an estimate of the cost for the crown on my tooth so I know what to expect and can plan ahead. She said that if I waited until after a new insurance year begins, I will only have to pay about $400. That’s not bad! Whew! So my “coronation day”–you know, the day I get my crown–will probably be in January. 🙂

3 Comments on “The Wind and Sunset Red

  1. I love that color of red! Good news on the crown as I told you how much mine was and that was several years ago already. This weather is just crazy. Torrential rain on Thursday til about 1:00 p.m. Hot and humid yesterday morning and I saw a lot of Monarchs migrating down at Council Point Park. This morning was absolutely freezing. I heard the weather forecast and figured the sun WAS supposed to come out and I’d be warm going on several treks this morning, but I got fooled. And my hands were so cold I could have worn gloves – in the course of barely 24 hours. Just amazing. I put the heat on – my feet were cold and just sitting here as I finished a very long post, I was freezing. I have no words for this weather!! (And certainly none I could put in this post … LOL)


    • Wow. You sound as if you are getting much worse weather than we are! The mornings are a bit cool, and the afternoons heat up to the low 60s or 70s. A jacket feels comfortable, but it hasn’t been cold and we haven’t had to turn on our heat. I hope you stay warm!

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      • It was a shock to the system this morning! I needed my mom to dress me since I thought I had enough warm clothes on. After going out in light clothing all Summer, I have to rethink my wardrobe in short order!

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