Ambush at Barker Creek

Today we needed to get fencing so we can protect our apple trees from hungry deer this winter. We decided to go to a different TSC in a different town than we usually go to so we could stop at the Cops & Donuts bakery so we could get yummy donuts for my birthday “cake.” EJ also wanted to stop in at Jay’s Sporting Goods which is right next to the bakery.

But our plans changed.

EJ woke up in a lot of pain so we decided to go to Meijers to buy the heating blanket for back pain that we had seen in the pharmacy yesterday when we stopped in to pick up EJ’s prescriptions. We though it might be worth a try. On the way to Meijers, we stopped in at our regular TSC store to buy the roll of fencing. EJ said that after we can maybe fence in one of the trees each evening after work until they are all done.

Our favorite nursery and landscaping place was having a Customer Appreciation Day today, and since we have bought most of our fruit trees and plants there, we decided to stop in. They had tables set up in an autumn-decorated greenhouse with lots of seasonal food–chili, soups, sandwiches, and such–so we filled up our bowls and plates and enjoyed a delicious lunch for free. For dessert I had a cookie and, yes, I was finally able to enjoy a pumpkin donut and glass of cider. While we ate, a lady played American folk music on a concertina, which added to the fun harvest atmosphere. I told her that I really enjoyed her music, and her face lit up with pleasure.

After we ate, EJ and I wandered through the nursery grounds, drinking in the autumn colors. Barker Creek is huge–about 90 acres. It stretches back and back and back almost to the lake. It has little ponds and a stream running through it. It is a beautiful, magic place that always makes me think of an enchanted land like Narnia.

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There is danger in every enchanted land, and we faced terrible danger today at Barker Creek. We were able to resist (barely) buying any trees or plants that were on sale. We have too many other things we need to get before winter. However, we almost were overcome by the dogs. We were unaware that a local animal shelter would be there with multiple adoptable dogs needing homes so we weren’t able to strengthen and prepare ourselves. As soon as we arrived, we were ambushed by a volunteer with a beautiful five-year-old lab/retriever mix. The dog’s owner was seriously ill and didn’t think he could care for his beloved dog, so he had just sadly given him up that morning. The dog was very sweet and loving, and EJ fell totally in love with him. I really think EJ would have adopted him even though just yesterday he was saying that he only ever wanted one dog at a time. Fortunately, just before we left, a man and his daughter were preparing to adopt the dog. Whew. We barely escaped unscathed.

Image may contain: textWe escaped adopting another dog, but we didn’t escape the chickens. A couple of days ago I shared the video of Sassy crowing in our garden, and JJ’s girlfriend commented that she was sad that she had to rehome her two chickens. I don’t really want more chickens–we already have too many eggs–but these were the same breed we have, they were hens, and I thought it would be nice to help out JJ’s girlfriend. The chickens are practically her pets, and she’s been having trouble finding them good homes. Soft-hearted and soft-headed me, I asked EJ what he thought about taking them, and he said to go ahead. So now I have gone from 8 chickens to 10–or I will as soon as she brings them over. By the way, adding more chickens than expected is humorously called Chicken Math. Often people start out intending to buy only 2-4 chickens, but they end up with a huge flock of chickens–and also ducks, turkeys, geese, etc.

I’m glad our plans for today changed. We had a lot of fun wandering through Barker Creek. We weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the day. Look who we saw. LOL.

2 Comments on “Ambush at Barker Creek

  1. Barker Creek seems like “the” place to go for all your nursery needs and taking a leisurely stroll to enjoy the rest!
    Curious, how many eggs does an average chicken lay in a weeks’ time?


    • Gladys, our chickens lay about one egg a day. They usually quit in the winter. Although this winter we had a hen who has laid eggs. I might find one each day for several days, and then nothing for a few days or even a few weeks, and then she’ll lay another.


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