High Pressure

It felt as if it had been a long time since I’ve posted anything and I was going to reassure you that I’m really not ignoring you all, but then I saw that it has only been four days since my last post, which isn’t all that long ago. It has just felt like a long time.

EJ has been struggling with dizziness, and one of his FB friends who had been an EMT told him he needed to contact his doctor because with his medical history, it could be a sign that his blood pressure was too high. So EJ called his doctor and she said that if there are changes in his symptoms–higher blood pressure, blurred vision, and so forth–I have to take him to the hospital. Thursday morning we went to Meijers to get a blood pressure monitor so he can keep track of his blood pressure. In the evening I drove back to Meijers to pick up his BP medication that the doctor had called in.

Each year EJ goes hunting at his friends’ hundred acre woods on the other side of the state. He looks forward to it all year long with more anticipation than a child for Christmas day. But because of his health, he is not going this year. This is a bitter pill to swallow for him but I don’t think it’s good for him to drive when he gets dizzy. I’ve been doing the driving lately when we run errands.

We are trying to reduce stress, which raises EJ’s blood pressure, so we have decided to have a very quiet Thanksgiving–just EJ and me. JJ is spending the day with his girlfriend’s family so it’s no big deal for us. We weren’t going to buy a turkey or anything, but they are super cheap right now–something like 34 cents a pound–so we went ahead and bought one. In fact, we bought two and stuck one in the freezer for later. Each turkey cost less than $7. This is the cheapest they will be all year long.

Friday afternoon we drove to EJ’s (former) company to fill out the COBRA paperwork with the head of the Human Resource Department. She reassured EJ that everyone loved and respected him at the company and they hated to let him go. We now have to make decisions about what to do next. We both have the signs of  mental and emotional exhaustion.  I think we’ve been struggle with exhaustion since JJ battled cancer a few years ago. Just about the time we begin to feel stronger, we get hit with another problem that depletes us.

We have to work through what type of job EJ should pursue. When should he start looking? Which is more important: resting and recovering or pursuing a job to give him purpose? Should he consider going on disability, at least for a while? Should I look for a job? It would be nice if I could make a go of my Etsy store so I can work at home. It’s kind of difficult to decrease stress when life is so uncertain right now, but we are doing our best. We are trying to guard ourselves from people and situations that bring additional stress to us, and finding things that bring us enjoyment.

On the way to EJ’s company to sign the papers, we saw two bald eagles flying over the bay. I think there were bald eagles where we were born, raised, and lived all our lives downstate, but at most I only ever saw one. There are many more here in Northern Michigan. Seeing them is always a thrill.

In fact, watching birds of any kind is a joy. Because of the bears, we can only put our bird feeders out in the Winter when the bears hibernate. I’m not sure exactly when the bears go to sleep, but last weekend I finally put out the feeders and filled them with seed. On the second morning after I put them up, I thought, “I wonder when the birds will arrive?” because none had come yet. Suddenly, all at once, they were flocking to the feeders. The feeders are only a few feet from the window so we get a close up view of them. Having the birds come close so we can enjoy them makes Winter a special time.

I videoed the birds while listening to The Piano Guys at Youtube. The Piano Guys are awesome musicians and very creative. I strongly encourage you to watch some of their videos.

We have had some snow this last week. We’ve only got a few inches, but it has transformed the landscape. I love the beauty of Winter.

When I’m not running errands with EJ, I’ve been busy, busy, busy crocheting adorable stuffed animals. My friends have ordered thirteen animals and one cute ear warmer. So far I’ve completed six items so I only have eight more to make. All my free time is spent crocheting. I quickly do basic chores and then get back to work. EJ has been doing some of the cooking to help me out. He’s a great guy.

One Comment on “High Pressure

  1. We too are spotting the bald eagles, they have been soaring the heavens and landing on the overhead wires on our back property, without the leaves they truly stand out. Between suet and seed we have been busy keeping our feeders full, all the little birds need to stay warm too. Thinking of you all and praying you have a peaceful Thanksgiving, love ya


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