I can’t believe it is already the middle of January! Usually I enjoy a snowy winter, but I’m thankful that thus far our winter has been very mild–not too cold and not much snow. We’ve only had to snowblow the driveway once and the warmer temps mean lower heating bills.

I’ve been very busy. I’ve sold nine crocheted critters since the beginning of the year and even more before Christmas. I saw a photo of my creatures sitting on a couch in a home in Mexico, and other photos of one of my dragons being hugged by a small child. It is kind of strange to think of my creations going on to their own lives. I made them, yet they travel to countries I will never go to, and into homes I will never enter, and are hugged by children I will never meet. Weird.

Related imageI’ve posted my critters for sale at local buy/sale groups and that is where I’m getting most of my orders this year. I’m always somewhat appalled whenever someone asks if the price of my items can be reduced. I never ask people to reduce their prices for me when I’m shopping for an item. I know handmade items can seem expensive, but there are a lot of hours and effort that goes into making each item. My dragons take about three days to make so I’m making less than $10 a day on a $30 item. And part of that money includes the cost for supplies to make the item, part of the money is reinvested to buy more supplies for future items, and there is very little actual profit left over. The only real advantage is that I am at home doing something I enjoy to earn a few extra dollars.

However, thankfully most people don’t ask for reduced prices. To save on shipping costs, I meet my local customers at public places to deliver them when they are finished. It’s kind of interesting to meet the people buying my items.

EJ has been cooking most of the meals so I can continue crocheting. I pause only to eat, care for the animals, do dishes, and run the occasional errand with EJ. When I go on errands, I take my crocheting with me.

EJ has signed up for Unemployment so we will have some income coming in. Not much, but some. He’s not really sure what type of job he can do or should pursue. I worry about his health, and what we will do if he can’t work. We signed up for Medicaid insurance. Once that is settled, EJ can get back to the doctor and we can discuss concerns.

I signed up for an on-line Medical Transcription job through the local college. My first session was today. The material was interesting. I felt nervous and overwhelmed, but I remember feeling overwhelmed at the start of every college class I took when I was younger. Despite my fears, I always did well in college and graduated summa cum laude. So, I reassure myself, I am not stupid and I CAN do this. But it was a bit intimidating because we were told to introduce ourselves in the discussion forum of the class, and so far the others are already in the medical field, or have master’s degrees, and I am just a woman who used to be a word processor years ago before I stayed home to raise my son.

I keep asking God to help us through this difficult time. I reminded him of verses such as these:

For you, God, have tested us,
refined us as silver is refined.
You brought us into the net
and bound our bodies fast.
You made men ride over our heads;
we went through fire and water.
But you brought us out
to a place of plenty. (Ps 66:10-12)

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us… (Eph 3:20)

I tell God that a can imagine an awful lot, such as Him paying off our house. If our house was paid off, we could survive on very little income. EJ could get Disability and/or a part-time job, and he wouldn’t have to push himself so much when he doesn’t feel well. I would still do my part in earning some money, but it wouldn’t be so desperately necessary.

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