Winter Storm Warning

Winter took her time getting  here, but she arrived in a nasty mood.

We received about 8 additional inches of snow on Saturday. We didn’t get much more snow on our hill on Sunday, but we heard of whiteout conditions, hazardous driving, multi-car accidents, and road closures in other nearby areas. We were content to stay home. I worked on a baby blanket I am making for a woman. I’m almost halfway done; I think it’s turning out to be very pretty. Meanwhile EJ snowblowed the driveway in preparation for more snow coming our way. It’s better to clear off 8 inches than to wait until it stops snowing and have to snowblow through 12 or 15 inches.

For the past couple of days, we’ve heard reports of a Winter Storm heading our way. It was difficult to figure out exactly how much snow we were expected to get. Different weather sources seemed to give different forecasted snow amounts. I’m not sure if we are expecting 3-6 inches of snow, 4-6 inches, 6-8 inches, 7-9 inches, 8-10 inches, or even more.

The Winter Storm was supposed to begin about 1 am on Monday morning–that’s today–but when I got out of bed and looked out the window, I didn’t see any additional snow at all. However, when we took Hannah out it was snowing. It was still dark. I pointed my flashlight toward the sky and admired the glittery flakes dancing like fairy dust in the beam of light.

In addition to snow, we’ve had brutal cold–and we are expecting gusty wind, whiteout conditions, and wind chills of -30 (F) or more with this storm.  I’m glad the actual temperature is not so low, but low wind chills are still dangerous. When I went out to refill the bird feeders for the wild birds and sprinkle corn for the deer in the bird bath and on the big rocks. It didn’t take long for my fingers to start to hurt from the cold.

Later in the morning, I could see the snow falling. The snowflakes are small, but it is snowing heavily.

EJ laughed at me last night when he saw me read the list of school closings at a news page at Facebook. We reminisced over memories of school closings when we were children. EJ said that he and his siblings breathlessly listened to the local radio station, which played excruciatingly boring music,  hoping to hear that their schools were closed. My siblings and I would dial a phone number to hear a list of school closings. Every other child in the area was also calling the same number so we kept getting “busy signals.” We’d hang up and dial again and again and again until finally we got through. We’d dance for joy when we heard that our schools were closed. We’d groan in anguish if they weren’t.  Even though school closings don’t affect us at all any more, we never have gotten over the feeling of excited anticipation we had at the approach of a snow storm when we were children.

We have errands to run today: I need to get to the post office to mail an Etsy Store order to an out-of-state customer, and we need to meet a local customer at the Sheriff’s Department in the next town over to deliver her two Goblins. We also need to buy Hannah Joy’s dog license in the same town. If the roads are hazardous, however, we might postpone those trips for another day. I’d rather be safe than sorry. EJ says that we can make it with no problem….

12 Comments on “Winter Storm Warning

  1. Travel safe as your storm has reached us down here, we are staying put. Our daughter called to say the her husband got a phone call last night that Sohn Linen his place of work would be closed today. This morning the State dept. shut down here so they are home together. Our daughter Jill got the news of the State shutting down so her and hubby turned around and went back to Saginaw where they live, life can become interesting when mother nature steps in and the winds are blinding.


    • How much snow are you expecting down there? It’s interesting to read about the weather people in different areas of our state our getting. I hope you are as cozy as I am…

      It’s cozy sitting in my chair with Hannah Joy snoozing on my lap as I sip a cup of hot coffee and watch the falling snow. I’m not looking forward to going out later…


      • They are saying 6 to 8 in. but the wind will be the messy part. Making a pot of tea and putting wood in the fireplace for a cozy afternoon. May all those who have to go out stay safe including the two of you….

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      • We had a wood stove at our old house downstate. I don’t miss the work of getting firewood! We lived in town and had to buy our wood, but it was hard work loading, unloading, stacking, and then bringing armfuls into the house each day. But the warmth and ambience was wonderful. I miss it.

        I am watching the wind swirl the snow passed the windows.


  2. Well we enjoyed the fireplace, tea and converstation now it’s time for a movie. Mentioned going out and plowing but my hubby said he would get it in the morning, sounds good to me, take care.


  3. I’m worried about this horrid windchill through Thursday and looking forward to normal temps on Friday – even 40s on Saturday – crazy weather. I liked watching your birdfeeder and the woodpecker creeping up the post to get his suet.


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