“I See You”

The day after the Not-So-Great Rabbit Rescue, I finally gathered enough courage to walk over to where I had left the baby rabbit. I fully expected to find its lifeless body and I was relieved with the place was empty. The wildlife rehabilitator had emphatically declared that the rabbit would be dead within 24 hours if it had even the smallest wound because of the bacteria a cat carries. So whether the rabbit wandered off or was carried off by a predator, I’m quite sure it didn’t make it. I was glad that at least I didn’t have to find its dead body.

A couple of days ago I put out more orange halves for the Orioles. I stuck them to the birdfeeder pole. EJ and I have rarely seen orioles in our lives so it’s an utter delight to be able to enjoy them now. We both agreed that we have had more oriole sightings in the last week than we have in all the other years combined. I couldn’t help but take photos. The photos aren’t great–I had to take it through the window screen or dirty-ish window. Plus, I don’t think my current camera is quite as good as my previous ones.

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This afternoon EJ’s friend-since-high school came to visit for a few hours. We refer to him as Hannah’s favorite uncle because she adores him. She always cuddles next to him on the couch and follows him around. It’s really cute.

Yesterday Hannah must have eaten something that disagreed with her. We try to Hannah-proof our house, but she’s always finding things to eat. This afternoon I caught her coming out of our bathroom with several Kleenexes in her mouth. She had taken them out of the pocket I had hanging in there. If I don’t put my purse out of reach, she gets into it and eats sales receipts and other papers. A few weeks ago, she got a stick of butter off the counter…and a hot pad. I suspect she eats everything because she was starved before we adopted her. I can only imagine what she ate to survive! Anyway, she ate something she shouldn’t have and then vomited all over our couch cushion. It dripped down onto the floor. It was gross. I cleaned the vomit up, and then washed the cushion in the bathtub, and then I sprayed it with pet odor/stain remover. It was rainy-ish yesterday so I hung the cushion where it could drip-dry in the tub. Today was sunny so I took the still-wet cushion outside to dry. It dried much quicker in the sun and breeze than in the bathroom.

I’ve encountered a large raccoon several times lately when I’ve gone out at twilight to shut the chickens in their coop. This evening I encountered it again. This time it was in the garden. It scrambled up a fence post when it saw me and stood there looking at me. I called, “I see you!” and it scrambled down the post and quickly climbed a tree at the edge of the forest. Every now and then, it would pause and peer around the trunk. Each time it did so, I called out, “I see you!” and it would climb a little higher. Finally, it sat in the fork in the tree and looked down at me. I shut the chickens in their coop and then hurried into the house for my camera. EJ went back outside with me. The light was fading so I couldn’t get a good photo. You can just see the raccoon’s head a little above the fork in the tree. The first photo I tried taking, the flash went off, and the photo was scarier. It looked like there was a goblin in the tree:

Goblin in the Enchanted Forest

Yesterday I finished a unicorn amigurumi. I made it with sparkly yarn to add a touch of magic to it. Now I’m working on a Winter Snow Dragon for a customer. I really enjoy making animals/dolls. I always feel as if I am bringing them to life.

You can find these and other creations at my e-store, Terics Treasures.

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