This week is going to be very tough and stressful. In the midst of a difficult week, we are having a happy thing so I thought I’d write about that today. I’ll write about the other stuff tomorrow…or the next day.

Since we have a few regular customers buying our extra chicken eggs, we thought we’d increase our flock. Getting chicks at this time of year means they will be mature enough to begin laying in the Spring.

TSC just happened to be having their Fall Chick Days. We didn’t even know they had Chick Days in the Fall as well as Spring. Chick Days are when TSC has live chicks and ducklings in the store and that is where we bought chickens and ducks before. We couldn’t buy them at the store this time because the breed and sex we wanted weren’t available. However, we learned that we could order the chicks online, which is what we did. We had to order a minimum of 10 instead of the 5-6 that we wanted but, oh, well, that’s Chicken Math. Chicken Math is when a person intends to buy a few chickens and ends up buying more, and more, and some ducks, turkeys, and guinea hens added in.

The chicks were mailed to us through the post office. I was very apprehensive about this because I did not understand how the babies could survive the 2-3 day trip without food or water. I imagined picking them up from the post office, opening the box, and finding ten dead babies. I was prepared to be traumatized.

I used the post office’s tracking number to follow the chicks’ progress from Minnesota to Michigan. I knew when they arrived at our post office and, sure enough, shortly after lunch, I received the expected phone call asking me to go pick them up. I quickly drove to the post office and hurried into the building. I had to wait while the clerk tended another customer, but I could hear a loud chirp, chirp, chirp and knew it was my babies. “Well, at least some of them made it,” I thought.

A box full of babies

When I arrived home, EJ opened the box and counted the chicks. One, two, three…There were ten adorable LIVING chicks. They all survived! No trauma, only happiness! Yay! The chicks are very tiny. I read that they are shipped when they are a day old.

I had intended putting the chicks in an enclosed place in the coop, but tonight the temperature is supposed to be a rather cool 51(F) degrees. Too cold for babies, we guessed. So I got out a cat carrier from the garage, put the straw from the box in it, put water and poultry feeders in it, and one by one scooped up the tiny bits of fluff and put them inside. They all fit with room to spare. They are adorable.

Hannah Joy was frantic with excitement when she heard the chirping and saw the babies. When I got the chicks in the carrier, I put it on the floor and let Hannah see it. She kept pawing roughly at the carrier so we shut it safely in the master bedroom. Hannah has been complaining all afternoon about our meanness in not letting her see the chicks. We just don’t want them to become Chicken McNuggets. Hannah shut up whenever I pointed my camera at her and told her I was videoing her so the whole world could see how much she complains. LOL.


Fluffy bit of cuteness

I sneak into the bathroom now and then to sit on the floor and hold the fluffy chicks. Babies of every sort are so irresistible.





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  1. They are adorable and and fit right in with your family of love, keep enjoying


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