Morning Delight

Hannah Joy woke me up earlier than usual this morning. She jumped off the bed then came over to the side of the bed and started grunting at me. I figured she needed to go out so I got my coat, hat, gloves, and boots on and then told her to go out in the hallway to put her harness on. She remained sitting, indicating that she didn’t really want to go outside, but since I was all ready, I made her go anyway. When we came back inside, I feed her, which is apparently what she wanted in the first place.


Hannah Joy sleeping on my lap.

Then I settled my chair with a cup of coffee and watched the sun rise while Hannah dozed on my lap. When it was light enough, I went out to tend to the animals in the coop, feeding them, giving them fresh water, and opening their little door in case they want to go outside later.

Next, I put seed out for the wild birds. I came back inside and poured myself a cup of hot coffee to warm my soul and hands. I have very warm work gloves but it’s easier to do many tasks without them and on mornings like this one my hands begin to ache from the cold.

A lone little deer.

I settled in my chair again and Hannah cuddled on my lap again. When it grew lighter, I saw a doe and her young’un emerge from the forest and come up to eat the birdseed. The morning was cold enough that I could see their breath as a fog when they breathed. They moved off and then a little deer came by. He was alone so I wondered if it was his Mama who was killed in our little valley. Poor thing…although he is old enough now to make it on his own.


After the deer all left, a squirrel ran up to check the feeder. A blue jay also checked it out. They were unimpressed. There was nothing there because the deer ate it all. I might put a little more seed out for them so the birds can have something rather than nothing. I am still trying to re-think how to construct my feeders so the deer can’t access it all.

Yesterday I glanced out of the window and saw a large bird gliding in the sky. I assumed it was a turkey vulture, which I often see overhead. The bird flew toward the house, closer and lower, and I suddenly realized it was a bald eagle! I explained in delight and EJ hurried to the window, but by the time he got the cat off his lap and out of his chair, the bird was gone. However, a few seconds later it flew back into sight–so EJ saw it too–and it landed in a tree in our forest. It stayed there for quite a while. I kept an eye on it because I wanted to watch it soar again, but my attention was diverted by a task and when I looked again it had disappeared. It is always such a thrill to see bald eagles. I’ve occasionally seen them high overheard but never this close. EJ said it was probably attracted by the dead deer in our valley. I really hate seeing dead animals, but it was awesome seeing the eagle.


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