Millie and the Deer

Today is mostly sunny and warm–in the 40s! (That’s Fahrenheit, not Celsius.) We still have plenty of snow on the ground, but there are actually a few bare spots in the driveway.

I’m dreaming of an early Spring. I like Winter, but I can’t wait to plant our garden. 🙂 Also, about this time each year, the county conservation districts have their annual tree sales. Up until this year, we haven’t been able to buy trees because this is also the time of year when we have to do taxes, pay for our vehicle registration, and take Hannah Joy to her yearly vet visit. But this year we splurged just a little and ordered one bundle each of Norway Spruces and elderberry bushes. Each bundle includes five trees. The Norway Spruce trees are supposed to be insect resistant and will replace our dying evergreens, which we believe were killed by insects. We wanted elderberries because they have a lot of health benefits. The Norway Spruces were $8.25 each bundle and the elderberries were $16.50 for a bundle–an awesome price for so many trees! We would have loved to order a couple bundles of each as well as hazelnut trees, serviceberry bushes, maybe some mulberry trees…but, baby steps. The trees will be ready to be picked up at the end of April.

Today a new customer came to buy three dozen eggs. Hopefully, he will become a regular customer because my chickens are laying about 6-10 eggs each day! I’m trying to balance the eggs we need for ourselves with the eggs my customers need so that it comes out even–with neither too many or too few for us. I mean, I don’t want to have so many customers that we don’t have any for us and we have to buy our eggs at the grocery store. That would be silly. But I don’t want to have dozens of dozens filling my fridge either. Balance. Everything is about balance.

Today I saw a drama outside my window that made me laugh. Our cat Millie is sweet so I’m assuming she wasn’t trying to be a jerk–but she was being kind of a jerk. A group of three deer came up to eat the birdseed, but Millie stayed near the feeders, not at all concerned that they were far bigger than she. She made the deer nervous so they didn’t want to come closer. Finally, they walked away, one deer stomping her foot in irritation as she left. I took a series of photos of the encounter.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s worse is that Millie did the same thing with another group of deer who came by a couple of hours later. None of the deer coming to eat the birdseed today have been successful because of Millie. LOL.

2 Comments on “Millie and the Deer

  1. Your Millie is one of a kind and so sweet to see her in action. With all the snow you have your feeders are a blessing to the deer – they too will find a way. Say hi to EJ and our love to all.


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