The State of Michigan

How is everyone doing?

Monday our Michigan Governor ordered everyone to stay at home to stop the spread of Covid-19.  For at least the next three weeks, individuals may only leave their home under very limited circumstances, and they must adhere to social distancing measures recommended by the CDC. People can go to the grocery store, pharmacy, gas stations or pick up take-out food. They can seek medical care for themselves or their pets. They can go on walks, hikes, runs, or biking as long as they maintain social distancing.

Businesses cannot remain open unless they perform an essential service. EJ believes that most machine shops are closed, and he thought his company would also close, but it turns out that his machine shop makes vital parts so he is still working. EJ said that if it wasn’t that we need his  paycheck,  he would have really enjoyed staying home. I’m relieved he is still working so we don’t have money to worry about, although I’m concerned about him staying healthy.

EJ told me this morning that driving home in the wee hours of the morning was very weird because there were almost no cars on the road. Usually, there is much more traffic, especially on main streets and roads. He texted me during his break tonight that his company gave him a “don’t arrest this guy” letter to prove that his job is essential and he has permission to travel to/from work. Just in case it’s needed.

EJ also texted that a guy he works with is married to a nurse who cared for the first covid-19 case in our county. So the guy (and his wife?)  is now in quarantine and won’t be back for at least 15 days. Neither he nor his wife show symptoms but, of course, he could still be a carrier if he’s infected. Hopefully, he is not and/or they got him into quarantine soon enough.

It feels a bit weird to realize that we are no longer free to travel whenever and wherever we want, but I enjoy my home and life remains mostly normal for me. I think that when tough times hit, there is often an initial shock, but after that, we just adjust and carry on. Meijers has changed their hours so EJ is no longer able to stop in for a few groceries on his way home from work. It had been nice because at 3 am there aren’t a lot of people. As much as possible, I buy items we need on-line. Many stores are offering curbside pickup. I’m still trying to figure out how that works.

I’m chatting with friends on-line and checking up on them. I have friends in various states and countries and it’s interesting finding out what is happening in their part of the world. Plus, I really care about them all and they are an encouragement to me.

Today’s high temperature was near 50 degrees (F). We now have almost no snow in our Enchanted Forest. The neighbors across the road have a different experience. Their snow always lasts far longer than ours because their hill faces north and doesn’t get the warm sun as much as we do. You can see our snowless property and their snowy hill in the photo.


Hannah Joy

Hannah Joy is enjoying the warmer temperatures. With the snow gone, I’ve been walking her down the driveway to our mailbox. She loves it. She is a bit of a handful though because she’s always sniffing around for stuff to eat–desirable to her but undesirable to me. Things like deer poop. Yuck. I have to remain diligent and pull her away when she finds stuff. Sometimes she sits down and refuses to budge. She also wants outside more frequently lately, grumbling until I take her, and then she just snuffles around–I think looking for more (un)desirable things to eat.

Some of the chickens were enjoying sunning themselves in the dirt today. The older chickens go outside more often than the younger ones. The younger ones were hatched later in the summer last year. They were too little to go outside before winter–and all of my chickens prefer staying in the coop during the cold wintry weather. I’m sure the young’uns will adjust to the great outdoors when the weather turns warmer. I think it’s rather peaceful watching the chickens.

I had been selling my extra eggs but I’m not sure what to do now that Michiganders are told to stay at home. My 17 hens are laying 8-12 eggs (and a couple of times 15 eggs) each day, which is many, many more than we can use. There are many people out of work. I’m wondering how I can get the extra eggs to people who might need them without any of us leaving home. I don’t want to risk infection–for them or us–and I don’t want to end up throwing the eggs out when people might need them. I’m thinking of contact0ing the admin of our town FB group and seeing if something can be worked out. We shall see.


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