Sunshine on My Shoulder

Today was a beautiful, beautiful sunny day with temperatures up into the low 60s (F). Most of the day I wore just a hoodie and sneakers–no coat, boots, or hat. I walked with Hannah Joy down the driveway at least twice to enjoy the early Spring. All day long the John Denver song, Sunshine on My Shoulder, played in my mind.

We’ve been ordering a few items on-line so we can avoid, as much as possible, going to the stores. UPS allows me to track the delivery truck on-line so that I can watch it getting closer and closer and closer on my computer. When I saw that it was on our road on my screen, I exclaimed, “UPS is almost here!” EJ said, “Yes, it’s on the hill.” “You can see it?” I asked. “It’s coming up the hill.” EJ repeated. I looked out the window, and there was the UPS truck, coming up the driveway. LOL.

One of the things UPS brought us was a set of four motion detector lights. We decided to get the lights for a variety of reasons. EJ put all the lights up today. He had quite an audience when he was installing one near the chicken coop. (We heard some people are stealing chickens.) Many of the chickens gathered around to watch and Theo reached up to get petted. I really love our animals. They all like to hang out with us. They make me feel very loved.

EJ had installed one light on the deck and I’m eager to see if it reveals animals crossing our yard that I might not otherwise notice.

Hannah in the box.

I fastened Hannah Joy’s leash to a T-post so she could be outside with us while we worked. I moved one of the smaller garden boxes near the birdfeeder post, hoping that it will keep Hannah from wrapping her leash around it. Silly dog, she tried to sit in the box. She must think she’s a cat.

For lunch, I made beef bratwurst and potato salad. I made the eggs in the Instant Pot. I made an adjustment or two and they turned out really well AND they were easier to peel. While I was working on the potato salad, EJ asked if I could make coleslaw. So I did. We had bratwurst, potato salad, AND coleslaw. I didn’t take a photo, but it was yummy.

While I was in the kitchen, EJ did a variety of tasks outside. He moved the snowblower to the back of the garage and moved the lawnmower toward the front. Gas is really cheap right now so he went to the gas station to fill the gas cans for the mower. The gas station is at the grocery store, so while there he picked up a few groceries, such as oranges, coffee, and peanut butter.

We just took Hannah Joy outside for the final time tonight (I hope). The stars glittered in the dark sky. The half-moon was like a night-light. We listened. It was very, very quiet. Very peaceful. I wish I could take photos of the beautiful night, but I don’t know how and I don’t have an expensive camera.

Tomorrow the forecast is for rain. I don’t mind. I like sunny days, and I like rainy days.

NOTE: This can be a scary time. If you feel disconnected and alone, need encouragement, or would like prayer, feel free to join my I Love To Go A Gardening Facebook Group.


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