Because of Hannah Joy

I am really tired tonight…because of Hannah Joy.

Hannah loved to sleep on the footstool of my recliner with her front on my lap and her behind on the footstool. However, she broke the footstool a few months ago because she kept leaping off it to check out various sights, noises, and smells, and then leaping back on it. I’ve been using an ottoman instead, but Hannah Joy doesn’t like it very much and she’s been grumbling about how difficult it is to climb into my lap.

I contemplated moving to the couch so she could sit next to me, but I have to keep my laptop on a table because Hannah Joy knocked it on the floor a few times and now the monitor part won’t stay up unless I have it leaning against the wall.

So I thought about getting a loveseat so I could keep my computer where it is and Hannah could sit next to me. I checked out Facebook Marketplace for a used loveseat and I contemplated buying one from Habitat for Humanity. Because we have animals, we always buy used furniture so we don’t have to worry about them ruining it. I found a couple possibilities at FB, but then we had to worry about whether or not we could fit a loveseat in the Xterra. So finally we decided to stick with the furniture we have. It’s cheaper that way, and we really need to save our money for other necessities.

I spent all afternoon rearranging the living room. I moved our two recliners where the couch used to be, and I moved the couch where the recliners used to be. It sounds like a simple job, but it wasn’t because I also had to move end tables, the bench I use as a coffee table/footstool, and assorted other things and I had to dust, sweep, and vacuum.

But now my new spot is on the couch near my laptop. Hannah Joy is enjoying the couch. Sometimes she lays at the far end, sometimes she cuddles next to me with her head on my lap. And she will no longer kick me in the stomach as she launches off my lap to check out a sight, noise, or smell. Hannah Joy has also discovered she can sit on the bench/coffee table for a better look out of the window.

I am very, very tired.
I worked hard today.
Because of Hannah Joy.

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