30 Pounds of Peanuts

We enjoyed a week or two of warmer weather with temperatures in the 70s (F) and at least once even reaching up to 80 degrees. But we have returned to cooler temperatures with highs forecasted for the low 50s and overnight lows dipping into the 30s. I’ve turned the heat back on.

We’ve also had several days of rain and are expecting several more. The chicken yard is soggy and I am trying to be careful not to slip and fall in the muck. Once was enough. LOL.

When we finally get another sunny day, I plan to take the screens out of the windows for the winter. I don’t think we will get too many more warm days.

Last week I was lost in thought and I didn’t see Hannah Joy sleeping on the floor. I tripped over her and fell on the floor HARD. As I felt myself falling, I thought, “Oh, crap! I hope I don’t break my leg!” Fortunately, all I did was groan in pain for a while. I told a friend about it and she said, “I thought people only did that in stories”–you know, get lost in thought and trip. I said, “Nope. It really happens because it happened to me.”

Hannah Joy has learned another bad habit. For quite some time, she has been stealing and eating Kleenexes from my pocket if I leave my sweater within reach. But a couple weeks ago, she began to steal them while I’m wearing the sweater. She will get up on the couch next to me to cuddle, but then I will feel her nuzzling my pocket. If she is successful at stealing a Kleenex, which she often is, she runs with it onto the bed to eat. If asked what breed of dog she is, I say, “She is a pit-pocket.”

With the Lockdowns and everything, our local bank has just the drive-thru open. Hannah Joy quickly learned that they give her awesome dog treats. So now when we go to the bank, she starts trying to crawl over EJ to the window (even though she has a seatbelt on) and she whines and cries until she gets it. She acts like a spoiled toddler, but she is still adorkable.

Monday afternoon a flock of about 20 turkeys came wandering through our yard. Most of them were young ones born last summer. Our cat Theo watched unconcerned on the patio table on the deck. Hannah Joy barked a bit, but surprisingly calmed down after I told her “Shhhhh!”

Monday evening, I was walking through the garden to the coop when I heard a large crashing in the wooded ravine on the other side of the garden fence. My first thought was that it was deer running off. I sometimes startle them. However, it sounded as if the sound was made by a much larger animal. My heart leaped into my throat as I thought, “Could it be a BEAR???” I’ve never seen a bear on our property, but there have been reports of them as near as a mile away from us. I heard the noise again, but I also recognized a flappety-flap and I realized that the turkeys I had seen earlier were flying up to the trees to roost for the night. Turkeys usually fly up to the trees by ones, or twos, or threes and I constantly heard them as I counted the chickens to make sure they were all safely in the coop, and as I found Theo and Mille and carried them into the coop, and shut them all in safely for the night.

A few days ago I ordered 30 pounds of roasted peanuts from an on-line store. Peanuts make a good snack, especially when mixed with chocolate chips and raisins. EJ sometimes takes nuts with him to work to eat for lunch. I had never ordered nuts on-line before, and I have never ordered 30 pounds. The peanuts were delivered by Fed-ex today. They put them in the delivery box at the bottom of our driveway. I was glad EJ was still home so I didn’t have to lug the heavy box up our long, steep driveway. We drove down in the truck to get them.

I scooped the peanuts into four large containers to keep them safe from the dratted mice. EJ has caught a couple mice in the traps he has set, but there is always another at this time of year. Hannah Joy often smells them in the night, and she wakes me up barking to be let out of the bedroom so she can go after it. Hannah is a better mouser than the cats, although she hasn’t yet caught (and eaten) this last one.

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