Hannah and the Box

We made it through last night without losing power again from the high winds. Yay! We didn’t get any snow overnight but we could get some tonight.

EJ texted me that he is on his way home! Whoo hoo! I am glad that he was able to get away to go hunting, but I really missed him.

EJ is coming home with TWO deer, a buck and a doe. He always refers to bucks that he shoots as “Rudolph” and does as “Clarisse.” He’s got a slightly skewed sense of humor. One of the things I love about EJ is his sense of humor.

I ordered three 40lb containers of pretzels from Amazon. They are good for work lunches and night-time snacks. They arrived today. We have a box at the bottom of our long driveway that delivery people put packages in. I call it the “Magic Box” because I find good things in it every now and then. When I got a text that the package had arrived, I walked down to retrieve it. I took Hannah Joy with me because I knew she couldn’t lick her incision site if she came with me–and she hadn’t been out for a while. I knew the box would be somewhat large, but light, and I figured that I could handle it and Hannah at the same time.

I had forgotten that because Hannah Joy sometimes gets packages in the mail–and she got one recently–she tends to think that EVERY package is hers. She knew a package was left in the Magic Box before I even opened the lid. She quickly grabbed hold of the box and growled as she began ripping it apart. I tried to lift it out of her way, but when Hannah wants something, she doesn’t let go. When I finally got it away from her, I had to lift it high to keep it out of her reach. She finally left it alone as she went off to sniff interesting smells and we were able to make it up the hill and into the house without the box being totally destroyed.

Hannah Joy is so funny. She keeps me laughing

Today I received a message with sad news. I felt a trifle sad that I didn’t feel more sad about the news, but I had felt deeply sad about it for many years, and I have no more sadness left in me with which to feel sad. I felt slightly irritated with the guilt-tripping tone of the message, but I didn’t expect less so I dismissed it. I briefly considered responding, but I knew that anything I say–nice, truth, explaining, or defending–would not make a smidgen of difference. I owe the messenger(s) nothing and they can think what they want. I am glad that I don’t feel I have to respond. It shows me that I have moved on and these people no longer have power to hurt me, as they once did. I have chosen to live in freedom and happiness.

And that is all I will say about that.

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