Happy Thanksgiving

It is early, the sky is still quite dark, but before the day gets busy, I would like to wish all of my fellow Americans a very happy Thanksgiving Day. And everyone reading from other parts of the world, I hope you have a day of great blessing. Thanksgiving is more a thing of the heart than a meal on the table. But the feast is awesome too.

EJ making venison burger

Yesterday EJ did a little last-minute shopping. We were hoping to get another turkey to put in our freezer for a later time–turkeys are always on sale at this time of year. But we waited too long and they were all gone. Oh, well. EJ brought home two deer from his hunting trip so our freezer will be filled. EJ has done his own butchering. He saved some meat for venison steaks and has been turning the rest into burger. Buying a meat grinder a few years ago was a good investment. EJ ran the venison through the grinder once so far, but he will do it again several times to get it finer. He said he would like to try to make venison sausage this year. He will buy supplies after Thanksgiving.

Mincemeat pies

When EJ finished shopping and we got all the groceries put away, EJ prepared the pumpkin pie filling while I prepared pie dough. We made one large pumpkin pie, one large mincemeat pie, and several small mincemeat pies. Mincemeat is my favorite kind of Thanksgiving pie. EJ had bought two different brands of mincemeat to see which we liked best–one was our regular “Nonesuch” brand and the other was a cheaper brand. I used both. The cheaper brand was not as good as our regular brand so we won’t buy it again. It was soupy with fewer chunks of goodness. I never put a top crust on a pumpkin pie (does anyone?), but I used a variety of cookie cutters to make pretty decorations on the mincemeat pies. I was going to freeze some of the small pies but then I thought, “Who is kidding who?” and I baked them all. We will have pie for breakfast.

This morning EJ will cook the turkey in the roaster oven. He offered to make the green bean casserole as well. I will make homemade dinner rolls and prepare some of the other dishes, such as yams, stuffing (from a box), and so on. We enjoy cooking together, especially big dinners like Thanksgiving. Hannah Joy has volunteered to help with cleanup. She lies in the kitchen where we trip over her and gobbles up any morsel of food that accidentally falls to the floor.

On Tuesday, two days ago, Hannah Joy got her stitches removed. The assistant was the one who took the stitches out. She put a muzzle on her to make sure she doesn’t get upset and bite. Hannah Joy trembled while EJ held her close and I cooed comforting words to her. The assistant said that Hannah Joy had pulled out one or two stitches, but everything looked good. I would have been surprised if Hannah had not pulled out a few stitches. She had left her incision alone at first, but I’m sure it began to bother her as it healed. We kept a close eye on her and stopped her if she started licking, but then she started sneaking into the bedroom to covertly lick her owie. At first I was like, “What are you doing in the bedroom, Hannah Joy?” because she usually cuddles with me and only goes into the bedroom when she’s eating something she knows she’s not supposed to eat. Hannah Joy would look at me with her innocent-guilty look that said, “Me? I’m not do anything. I’m not licking my owie.” She makes us laugh. Anyway, it just took a few snips and the stitches were out and then she got lots of lovings from the veterinary staff. I liked our vet downstate, but I like our current veterinarian and her staff even more. They are very caring. I kind of wish I could have them for MY doctor.

In my “free” time, I have been busy working on crocheted gifts for friends for “Hanukkahmas,” named because it depends on which holiday they celebrate. LOL. I don’t know if I will get the gifts done in time–I should have started sooner, but I kept adding to my list and the projects are a little ambitious and are taking time. I had to ask most of them to tell me their favorite color and I’ve had to buy yarn. Well, I will work as hard and fast as I can….

But today I will feast.

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  1. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you also, and the pies look yummy !! Glad Hannah is healed up and she too will enjoy the comfort of the day, love to all.

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