Mama Mia!

This morning EJ and I were sitting in the living room, enjoying our coffee, when I suddenly exclaimed, “OH! MY! GOODNESS! I see a deer on the hill with her little fawn!” We quickly called Hannah Joy into the bedroom and shut the door so she wouldn’t bark and scare them away and then we stood and watched. The way the Mama was licking her very tiny fawn made us believe that it had been born just a few minutes before.

I took several videos. The videos are quite shaky because I zoomed in. Sorry.

The baby nursed a bit and then carefully crept down the slope and hid in the grass. The Mama trotted large protective circles around the hidden fawn, stomping warnings. Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Then she suddenly dashed after a small animal that streaked away. I’m quite sure it was one of our cats. Probably Theo. Whatever the critter was, it escaped safely and Mama Deer returned to her fawn.

A few moments later, another deer appeared on the scene. I thought, “Uh, oh. There going to be trouble!” However, Mama didn’t appear very upset at the new arrival so we think it might have been her yearling.

Mama started down the driveway and the fawn got up and joined her. We watched until they disappeared from view.

A few minutes later, a lone female turkey wandered into the yard. No doubt she has a nest nearby. Probably in July or August we will see a flock of little turkeys following their Mama across the yard.

What an awesome start to the day! I love living in our Enchanted Forest!

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