I’m very confused. I don’t know if it’s autumn or winter. Yesterday we woke up to snow, but today the temperature rose to 50 degrees. Tomorrow there is snow in the forecast, but by Friday we will be back to rain. I didn’t really need to wear a coat today, but I did anyway. I also wore my orange hat so I wouldn’t be mistaken for a deer.

Although the temperature was relatively warm today, it was just foggy enough to make the day look very gloomy outside. It was as if the sun was at half power. I used to dislike the month of November because it was so gloomy with clouds and leafless trees, but I have come to enjoy its stark beauty.

After lunch, EJ and I went outside to pick the cabbage. The heads are small because the cabbage grew meh. We are still experimenting with what grows best in our garden and making adjustments as needed. I plan/hope to make Kimchee with the cabbage. I learned to make cucumber Kimchee this last summer, but this will be my first time making it with cabbage.

When we had picked the cabbage, I opened the gate and let the chickens into the garden. We always let them enjoy the garden between the end of harvest and the beginning of planting. The chickens love being in the garden and clucked happily as they gleaned (i.e., ate the leftover grain or other produce after the harvest). I enjoy watching them from the window.

Monday EJ stopped at a farm store on his way to work and bought a 50 lb bag of black sunflower seeds for the wild birds. This particular farm store grows the sunflower seeds that they sell. Later, if we can, we will buy some peanuts for the birds. We have tried different types of seeds and the birds seem to prefer the sunflower seeds and the peanuts. They usually throw the other stuff on the ground. Yesterday I scooped the sunflower seeds from the bag into buckets to keep them safe from rodents and bugs. I’m working at growing my own sunflowers for the birds so I don’t have to buy any. I grew enough this year to save some to plant next year and a jar to give to the birds–but not near enough to last the winter.

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