Month: April 2022


After a week of daily snow (none of which accumulated on the ground), we are now back to Spring again. This weekend the temperatures will reach into the low 70s! Wow! I’ve been diligently studying my Hebrew every morning. I am studying in a… Continue Reading “ReWord”

Herbal Teas

The weather is getting warmer. “Warmer” at this time of year is temperatures in the 50s…and sometimes in the 60s. The weather was nice enough on Sunday that EJ and I moved the patio table and chains from the front porch, where we store… Continue Reading “Herbal Teas”

Crow Alliance

We are still getting alternating Winter/Spring weather, although the snow is less and disappears quickly. We now have only the tiniest patch of snow in the backyard–and that’s it. Poultry feed was on sale at our local feed store so I ordered ten bags… Continue Reading “Crow Alliance”

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