Herbal Teas

The weather is getting warmer. “Warmer” at this time of year is temperatures in the 50s…and sometimes in the 60s. The weather was nice enough on Sunday that EJ and I moved the patio table and chains from the front porch, where we store it during the winter, to the deck. Getting out the patio furniture almost guarantees that we will get a snowstorm…but so far, so good. Although we could still get snow, for the first time this Spring, there is no snow in the forecast.

I also got out Hannah Joy’s tie-out. She does not like wintry weather so I take her out on her leash during the cold months and she runs back in the house as soon as she’s finished her “business.” In the warmer months, I let her stay out as long as she wants on the tie-out, which isn’t long because she prefers to be inside–maybe because her previous owners kept her outside 24/7. She’s the cuddliest dog. When I tied her out today, she complained and looked betrayed so after EJ left for work, I put her on her leash and walked her down the driveway for the second time today. Later, she refused to go out the door to the deck where I tie her out. Instead, she went pointedly waited by the kitchen door, which is the door we go out when she’s on her leash. She wanted to walk down the driveway again, but we had already walked down twice today and I’m not going down every time we go outside. (We don’t let her run free because we don’t want her eating disgusting animal poop, getting lost chasing wildlife, or threatening the neighbors. She tends to be quite protective.)

Even though it’s too early to plant anything, the nicer weather gets us thinking about our gardens. EJ is responsible for the vegetable garden in the back yard while I grow herbs in raised beds in the front yard. I’ve been making a list of the herbs I want to grow. I’ve found an awesome app for my new phone that lists herbs, their medicinal uses, and how to use them. Even common culinary herbs such as basil, sage, and thyme, can be made into medicinal teas. We are already experimenting with making tea with the herbs I dried last year. My current list includes herbs I’ve been growing as well as new ones I want to try.

EJ has been buying butter on sale so this morning, after watching a how-to video, he made some ghee with it. Ghee is clarified butter. It is made by heating butter to separate the liquid and milk solid portions from the fat. It keeps longer than butter.

I began reorganizing our library/study/craft room. Today I put all my yarn, finished crocheted projects, and other craft items in the closet where I store them. They had been kind of spilling out into the room, which is full enough of books. On another day I will straighten books on the shelves and file papers in the file cabinet.

My attempt to make friends with the crows is going so-so. It was going well. I put a treat out for the crows every morning and they were enjoying eating it, showing up soon after I put it out. But then Theo, our dunderheaded the cat, noticed the crows ran after them. He didn’t catch them, of course, but it did spoil their peace. Then Theo decided he liked some of the crow treats so he’s been going up to eat it soon after I put it out. EJ is thinking about building a platform on a post for the crows. I think I’ll pause my efforts until he can. I’m unlikely to have much success with the crows because of Theo.

One evening this weekend–I think it was Saturday–we watched about 20-30 deer cross our property. They came in small groups to graze and moved on as another small group came in. It was fun watching them.

4 Comments on “Herbal Teas

  1. I had a chuckle about Theo chasing the crows and eating their treats!! Typical cat! Once the platform is up I’m sure the crowd will be back to taunt Theo from above! Poor Theo! Your dog is obviously well loved! Mine is now 12yo and spends most of her time inside now ….. except for her walks in the evening. She’s ready for those an hour before the time!

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  2. Theo is sweet. He always comes with me when I do chores, often leaping on my shoulders. But, oh, once he focuses on something, he doesn’t give up–like stealing the crows’ treats!

    I love to hear people’s stories of their beloved pets. Here’s a fun fact: In Hebrew, the word for “dog” is “Kelev” which means “like a heart.” That truly describes a dog, don’t you think?


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