Quiet Before the Storm

Outside my window is a peaceful winter landscape. It reminds me of the line in the Christmas hymn that goes “how still we see thee lie.”

However, this is only the quiet before the storm. According to EJ, who has been keeping close watch, it appears that much of the USA is going to be hit with massive winter storms. There is a Blizzard Warning posted for our area starting tomorrow night with 1-2 feet of snow expected and winds gusting as high as 45 to 55 mph. Travel could be “very difficult to impossible” with blowing and drifting snow causing white-out conditions and causing downed tree branches and power outages. We haven’t had a winter storm like this in several years.

EJ is going to try to take the day off so he can avoid driving home in “difficult to impossible” travel conditions. He plans to drive to the store early tomorrow morning to pick up a few extra supplies. Meanwhile, I’ll finish up the laundry and make a big pot of chili, which we can easily heat up even if we lose power. We will also make sure our animals are all snug. Then we will hunker down together and watch storm. The snow isn’t a problem if we are both safely at home. The bigger problem is high winds that can possibly rip shingles off the roof and bring down trees.

I’m thinking of all the people whose holiday travel plans are going to be disrupted by these storms. Hopefully, prayerfully, people will be wise and either leave for their holiday destinations early or stay home.

EJ also says the meteorologists he watches said we could get severe cold. I’m very thankful our furnace was fixed.

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