A Daily Moment

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” ~ Ansel Adams

“Our lives are made up of a series of moments. There will be small moments. Moments when you’re doing something so mundane you won’t realize you’re in a moment, but then you’ll remember it like a moment of true happiness…” ~ Facebook

I have begun a project in which every day I share one photo that is reflective of my life. The current photo will be featured at the top of this page, but I also will add all the photos to a slideshow, which you can see below.

I find this project appealing because I love both the small moments of life and photography. I have always valued the importance of small moments. I believe that moments reveal our lives more than the occasional big event does. Small moments–of shared looks, touches, laughter and tears, struggles, and precious everyday-ness–are also what we will miss most when a loved one is gone. I think that the true value of a photograph is that it captures these moments in a person’s life. Photographs are like book covers that give you a hint of the deeper story within.

A Daily Moment (2018)

This year I’ve decided to share a mixture of colored and black/white photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A Moment in Black and White (Nov-Dec 2017)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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