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Outside Work

Once again I took Danny for a morning walk rather than our usual afternoon walk so that we could try to beat the heat. I took along a cup of coffee made with our own coffee machine. It’s nice to be able to make… Continue Reading “Outside Work”

The Front Porch Garden

We were still without a coffee machine this morning. Or, rather, we were without the pot that broke the other day. Tuesday my husband made coffee by placing a glass measuring cup in the machine and holding open the doohicky that stops the flow… Continue Reading “The Front Porch Garden”

A Lot of Little Things

Yesterday morning I was waiting for the coffee machine to finishing making the coffee, anticipating the first sip of my first cup of coffee for the day…The coffee machine finished, I pulled out the coffee pot to pour the coffee into my cup…and suddenly… Continue Reading “A Lot of Little Things”

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