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I hope you all had a very nice Christmas despite the challenges of this year. We have had a Koselig holiday season. Koselig is a concept that is deeply rooted in Norwegian culture. It is the feeling of coziness and being comfortable. It is about… Continue Reading “HOLIDAYS”

Our Garden Stockade

Miracle of miracles, it actually began to rain Friday night and it continued into Saturday. Just before 6 am on Saturday morning, I heard thunder and thought, “Well, no sense getting up now since I’m not going to let the chickens out of the… Continue Reading “Our Garden Stockade”

First Blood

This morning I decided to start attaching the wire fencing to the posts for the garden fence. But first I drank several cups of coffee to fortify myself because I knew the roll of fencing was heavy and unwieldy. When I felt that I… Continue Reading “First Blood”

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