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The Gift of Autumn

Because my husband and son have different days off from work, I couldn’t celebrate my birthday (which is next week) with both of them at the same time. So I had a wonderful day celebrating my birthday with JJ on Friday and a wonderful… Continue Reading “The Gift of Autumn”

Throwing the Shoe

This morning EJ and I stopped at the bank before heading to the store in a nearby town to pick up a few items. We had a nice chat with the tellers at the bank. The husband of one teller works with my husband,… Continue Reading “Throwing the Shoe”

Mosquito Ordeal

I love storms. I love observing radar on weather sites on the Internet, which lets me track storms coming our way. I think I could have easily been a meteorologist (or archaeologist or psychologist) if I didn’t already have the life that I love.… Continue Reading “Mosquito Ordeal”

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