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Oh, My Goodness!

Today was spent doing routine chores. EJ brought in firewood, fixed the floor near the washer/dryer, and other tasks. I did dishes, cleaned the house, and reconciled the checkbook–a task I do not enjoy. We walked to the bank together, and then to the… Continue Reading “Oh, My Goodness!”

How To Plan A Pity Party

This morning I took our dirty clothes to wash at the laundromat. Our washer broke awhile ago, so we wash the clothes at the laundromat and then we bring them home to dry on our clothesline or in the dryer. Often EJ goes with… Continue Reading “How To Plan A Pity Party”

What Comes Next

I woke up at 5 a.m. this morning feeling overwhelmed about various problems I have to deal with, such as JJ’s paperwork for college. Then I remembered a historical fiction novel that I read years ago. The story took place in China just before… Continue Reading “What Comes Next”

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