Downstairs and Upstairs

Cherry Robins 005


Over the last couple of years, EJ has planted several fruit trees throughout our yard. He has two dwarf Alberta Peach trees in his garden in the back yard, and five dwarf cherry trees of a couple different varieties throughout my part of the garden. This year they are loaded with fruit. The cherries are ripening now. One cherry tree is very close to the lilac bush where I have hung the basket of baby Robins. I am sort of wondering how we are going to pick the cherries without getting attacked by protective Papa and Mama Robin.

I have been taking pictures of the basket through the downstairs window. The pictures are not always very clear because of the glare and dirt on the window. (I haven’t yet washed the windows this year…I’ll get to it.) It’s fun watching the parents bring their babies food.

Yesterday evening, I went to an upstairs window overlooking the Robins to see if I could get an….um…bird’s eye view of them (pun intended). To my excitement, I could look right down into the nest. I opened the window and took pictures of them. I zoomed in on the basket, although it’s not always easy to distinguish between the lilac branches and the little birds.

Here are pictures of the birds from both downstairs and upstairs:


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I was concerned about the nest yesterday because radar showed a large storm coming across Lake Michigan. I don’t know how the basket would fare in a stormy wind. However, the storm dissipated before it reached us, as it often does.

New Sparrow Neighbors
New Sparrow Neighbors


Switching my thoughts to the birdhouse outside my kitchen window: I occasionally see the father sparrow chirping on the birdhouse, but he flies away as soon as we get near. The other day he kept going to the entrance of the birdhouse, so I think there must be babies, but for the most part we see very little. I really miss the wrens, who would sit on or near the birdhouse and sing all day long.



2 Comments on “Downstairs and Upstairs

  1. I love your fruit trees and bird house and feeder. I’ve been growing blueberries and raspberries for a few years but the birds always seem to get them before I do. I hate to resort to covering them with mesh, but I wish the birds would share. How do you keep the birds from eating your fruit?


    • Thank you for the compliments, Craftymadre! I am glad you are here!

      We are really only just getting started with the fruit trees and berry bushes. My husband has added a couple trees or bushes every year for the last 2 or 3 years. It is a battle to keep the birds from them. The cherries are ripening now, and EJ looked out this morning and saw our Robin friends eating them. So we went out and picked them while the Robins yelled at us for getting too close to their babies. I am sure my husband is researching how to prevent the birds from eating the fruit before we have a chance to harvest them.


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