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Peeper & Cuddles

Since EJ didn’t have to work today–it being the weekend and all–he was able to enjoy the ducks’ swim time. I actually asked him to carry the ducks, one by one, so I could video them. The ducks are forming their own personalities. One… Continue Reading “Peeper & Cuddles”

Garden Thought-bits

I think gardens are excellent places to think tidbits of thought. I thought that today I’d share the tidbits of thought that I thought while I went about my day and my garden. I am cleverly calling them “thought-bits.” Early this morning, EJ looked out… Continue Reading “Garden Thought-bits”

Downstairs and Upstairs

  Over the last couple of years, EJ has planted several fruit trees throughout our yard. He has two dwarf Alberta Peach trees in his garden in the back yard, and five dwarf cherry trees of a couple different varieties throughout my part of… Continue Reading “Downstairs and Upstairs”

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