Laundry Day

Stackable washer/dryer
Stackable washer/dryer

Today we did laundry.

When we first moved into our house, the washer and dryer were in the unfinished basement. I had to constantly run down to the basement through our unheated very-cold-in-the-winter back porch to do laundry. So when we redid our downstairs bathroom, we rearranged things and were able to make a space for a stackable washer/dryer. It has been very nice. However, last year the washer part died. Stackable washer/dryers are quite expensive to replace so each week we have been taking clothes to the laundromat, which is about two blocks away.

EJ always comes along to help me. He loads and unloads the baskets of clothes, I load the clothes in the washer, I put the laundry soap in, he puts the coins in, and then we sit down and talk and/or read while we wait for the washers to run through their cycles. Sometimes we walk a couple of buildings down to the local diner and have a cup of coffee or a delicious breakfast.

When the clothes are washed, we return home to dry our clothes. In the winter or on rainy days, we dry the clothes in the dryer, which still works. In the summer, I hang the clothes on the clothesline in the back yard. When we hang the clothes on the clothesline, EJ always takes the baskets of wet clothes right to the back yard, while I take my purse and the detergent into the house, grab the clothespins, and go out to hang the clothes. We have a system and work well together.

Our retractable clothesline.
Our retractable clothesline.

Our yard is quite small, so we have to use space wisely. We wanted to hang clothes on a clothesline, but we didn’t want a clothesline to take away valuable garden space. We also didn’t want to have to duck under the clothesline whenever we needed to walk through the yard. So a few years ago, we bought a retractable clothesline. When I need to dry my clothes, I pull out the clothesline. When I am finished, we retract the clothesline. It works great!

It’s very pleasant to hang up clothes, especially in the cooler mornings. We don’t always get to the laundromat early because EJ works second shift and sleeps in later. Today we got to the laundromat later than usual, so it was early afternoon and actually quite hot when I hung up the clothes. I used to love summers, but now I prefer the crisp coolness of autumn. I really don’t know if summers are getting hotter and more humid or if I am just becoming less tolerant to heat, but as I hung the clothes on the clothesline, sweat poured off me. I was almost tempted to say, “Forget this!” and take the clothes into the house to dry, but I courageously persevered until the end.

I let my dog, Danny, join me while I hung clothes out. He is very loyal to me and loves to be with me. He is a funny dog because he believes that if he goes out the back door, he will have to go into his pen. If he wants to go to his pen, he willingly goes through the back door, but if he doesn’t want to go out into the pen, he will refuse to go to the back door. He will just stand there in the middle of the kitchen looking at me and wagging his tail, but not taking another step no matter how much I call him. He never has a problem going through the front door because we go through the front door when I take him for walks, which he loves, or when he joins us outside just for fun. To him, back door equals his pen, and front door equals very enjoyable experiences. I cannot convince him otherwise. Today, when we got home from the laundromat, I brought in the detergent and was going to grab the clothespins on my way through the back door to the back yard. I asked Danny if he wanted to join me. He leaped up eagerly until he saw that I was going to the back door. Then he stopped. Nope, not going through the back door. So I grabbed the clothespins from the back porch, and went to the front door. Danny eagerly accompanied me through the front door and the longer way around to the back yard. Silly dog.

Danny was also very, very hot outside. His fur is thick, but he gets very depressed when his hair is cut, so we don’t do it. Instead, we take care to not take him out when it’s too hot, and we turn on the AC if he looks too hot, and we turn the fan on him if necessary. Out in the yard today, Danny dug a shallow hole to get to the cooler dirt underneath. When he did this a couple of times, I called out to EJ that I thought Danny was too hot and needed to go inside. EJ called to Danny, and Danny stood up, but he refused to go into the house because he wanted to stay with me even if he was very hot. So I ended up calling him into the house and then went back out to finish hanging up the clothes. Then I also went into the house where the AC was cooling the rooms, and poured a glass of ice tea.

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