Our "new" fan
Our “new” fan

We used to have two box fans, but over the winter I accidentally put one of them too close to the woodstove and it melted. We use a fan in the winter to help distribute the heat of the woodstove through the rest of the house, but it’s not supposed to be placed so close that the fan is melted.

We could have gone to the store and bought another fan, but we like to buy things cheaply at yard sales and thrift shops whenever we can. Who would pay $20 or $30 for a fan when with a little patience he could buy one for a dollar or two? We have been visiting sales and thrift shops, but haven’t found any fans. Then yesterday EJ visited his friend and returned home with an old vintage box fan that his friend had gotten from a yard sale. His friend offered to give it to EJ, but EJ insisted on buying it for a couple of dollars. When he came through the door, EJ said, “Here, take this fan for me,” so I took it and almost dropped it. It is made out of steel and is VERY heavy. I like it. It’s unique. And lugging it around from room to room will have the extra benefit of lifting weights.

Speaking of fans and melting: There are heat advisories for us this week. Going outside is like walking into an oven. Bleagh. I am beginning to long for autumn.

Northern lights
Northern lights (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

I got ready to go to bed at 11 p.m. last night. I was having trouble staying awake. I was really tired because I hadn’t slept well the night before. Then EJ informed me that there were reports that the Northern Lights were strong and might reach down into our area starting at about midnight. So, of course, I had to make myself stay up for another hour in hopes of seeing them. I have only seen the Northern Lights a couple of times in my life, and they are BEAUTIFUL, so EJ has orders that HE MUST WAKE ME UP if he see Northern Lights or learns that there is a possibility we might see them. We went outside a couple of times near midnight. We didn’t see any though. We live north enough to keep alive the hope that we might see them, but a little too far south to actually see them. And at the rare times when the Northern Light do reach down to us, it’s often too cloudy to see them. But we keep hoping, especially in the last year or so when the solar activity has been very strong. Even though we didn’t see any Northern Lights, it was pleasant to go outside at night and look at the stars with my dear husband.

Our son graduated from school this year (we homeschooled), and now he’s headed off to the community college this autumn in a city that is about 30 miles from us, give or take a few miles. EJ, JJ, and I took off this morning for the New Student Orientation at the school. The Orientation explains to new students what is expected of them at the college and such things as financial aid.

EJ took the day off because we are down to one car right now, and he is the only one who knows the way to the college. I am severely directionally challenged–I can get lost ANYWHERE–and JJ is an inexperienced driver and doesn’t know the area where the school is located. There is no direct way from our house to the community college, but the route involves something like six or seven confusing turns. To help JJ learn the way, we have been making him drive the route with us whenever possible. Hopefully, by the time the semester starts, he will be able to find the school on his own.

At first I thought we were supposed to just drop JJ off at the school, but then I read in the college info that parents were encouraged to attend the New Student Orientation, so we sat in on the session. I’m glad we did. It was actually kind of interesting. After the program, we met with an advisor who answered our questions and helped JJ decide what classes to take. He is getting kind of excited about school.  It’s hard to believe our little boy is getting ready to leave the nest!

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