This is how I felt.
This is how I felt when I saw Timmy’s worms.

Last night I saw that Timmy has worms. Will the nightmare never end?

I woke in the night thinking that we needed to give worm medicine to all the cats, and wondering how we could afford it.

I called the vet this morning and explained the situation to his receptionist. She asked how many cats I had and I replied, “Eight.” She exclaimed, “Oh, Wow!” She probably was thinking of what it was like to struggle with eight (very beloved) cats with worms and diarrhea. Or maybe she was thinking of the expense of worming eight cats. I know I was.

I told her that one cat was already taking worm meds so I only needed enough medication for 7 cats. Then I said that two cats were indoor/outdoor cats, but we were keeping them outside so they wouldn’t get what the other cats have and we could probably wait until our next paycheck to worm them, so we really only needed worm medicine for five cats right now. She said she would talk to the vet, and then returned a few minutes later to tell me I could pick up the meds at their clinic. With great dread, I asked her how much it would cost. I was surprised and relieved when she said it would only be $15. I have a suspicion that it should have cost more but the vet had sympathy on us. I never would have asked for a price break because the veterinarian is running a business, not a charity, and he needs to make a living as much as anyone. However, if he did give us a break, I am very thankful.

EJ and I drove to the vet office. When we walked in to the reception area, it was full of people sitting and standing around. We smelled a delicious aroma and discovered that the clinic was having a birthday party for one of the staff. There was food. We chatted to the vet a bit. He invited us to have some food, which was nice. EJ took a little soup, but I didn’t want to feel that I was crashing their party so I didn’t take anything, although I wanted to. EJ was drawn to the kittens in the “Free to Good Homes” cage. I was not even tempted. Not this time. Not for a long, long time.

When we returned home, EJ and I dosed five cats. Most of them were ok with it, but Annie hated it and really fought it. With all the meds we have struggled to give the cats in recent days, it’s a wonder any of them come near us. However, all of them still come for cuddling.

The situation really is improving (I think) despite the setbacks.

This afternoon Danny and I went out to work on the path in my garden. I really want to finish the path soon so I can get started on another project before colder weather arrives. For some reason, Danny didn’t want to go through the front gate so we went around through the back gate. I wonder now if he knew something that I didn’t?

It was another very beautiful autumn day. Summer used to be my favorite season, but over the years I changed and I now prefer autumn. There’s nothing like the blue of an autumn sky, and I love the colorful leaves (they are just beginning to change color now), and I love the warmness and coolness of the days. I was soaking it all in, rejoicing in the perfect day as I happily worked on my path, when I became aware that there were a lot of insects flying around me. Then I realized that they weren’t insects, they were bees. I figured they must have a nest in the ground. I thought it would be very good to retreat. I was retreating when suddenly….OWWW! A bee stung me in the arm. I haven’t been stung in years and years and years. Maybe not since I was a kid.

You know what? Bee stings HURT!

Bee ID card
Bee ID card

I am very, very thankful I got stung only once.

I called my Danny to come with me and I carefully retrieved my garden tools, put them away, and then asked my Eagle Scout son if he knew what to do about bee stings. He did know, so I took his advice and made a paste out of baking soda.

I decided that I was done working in the garden today. And tomorrow maybe I will start working at the OTHER end of the path. And maybe I will leave a section of the path unfinished until it gets too cool for the bees. Or something.

EJ texted from work asking how we were doing at home. I replied that I had gotten stung by a bee. He said, “Was it for sure a bee? Or a wasp/hornet/yellow jacket?” I replied, “Once I realized they were bees, I didn’t stay around to ask to see their ID cards.”

I will show EJ where they are tomorrow.

3 Comments on “NOOOOOOO!

  1. Our pets are very loved and we are working hard to get them over this. I will definitely be careful of the bees now that I know they are there. 🙂


  2. I recently had a surprise bee attack when I was trying to cut out some weeds from underneath a large pine tree. It took a minute to register why my hand was stinging until I realized I had unearthed a ground nest. I had forgotten how bee stings feel as well. I wasn’t impressed!

    Glad to know you are figuring out the cat’s issues as well.


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