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Bald Eagle Scout

There are days when we are running to the Cancer Center for JJ’s Chemo treatment or to the lab for his blood tests, and there are days when we are running to do tasks like grocery shopping, and on the days when we have… Continue Reading “Bald Eagle Scout”

The Prayer Blanket

Today was my and EJ’s anniversary. We have been married for 23 years. I am glad he is my husband and my very best friend. To celebrate, we ordered food from our favorite local restaurant, and they delivered it to our door. Other than… Continue Reading “The Prayer Blanket”


Last night I saw that Timmy has worms. Will the nightmare never end? I woke in the night thinking that we needed to give worm medicine to all the cats, and wondering how we could afford it. I called the vet this morning and… Continue Reading “NOOOOOOO!”

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