An Unwanted Journey

Today we started out on a new journey, one that we never wanted to have to take.

Last night JJ told us about a health issue he was having. First thing this morning we went to a doctor about it. She told us to go immediately to the ER in a big hospital about an hour away for an ultrasound.

The results weren’t as good as we wanted. JJ has a mass. We don’t know yet if it’s benign or malignant. First thing tomorrow morning we have to call an urologist and get things going. Hopefully we can get in right away.

On the way home, JJ said, “You are being calm about this.” I think we are actually rather numb right now. It hasn’t sunk in. I told JJ that I think that the hardest point is before you have a diagnosis because then you fluctuate between hope that it is minor and fear that it is not. Once  you have a diagnosis, even if it’s bad,  you begin focusing on treatment and what to do next.

JJ has begun considering how this will affect college, work, and his future. Should he quit college? Quit work? It’s a lot to deal with. I told him to take one thing at a time, hold on to God, and seize moments of joy.

We stopped for Chinese food on the way home. A moment of joy.

4 Comments on “An Unwanted Journey

  1. Prayers for you and JJ. I agree, having a diagnoses gives you the ammunition you need to fight and figure out where to go from there.


  2. I will be praying that this weapon formed against JJ will not prosper, and that God will give supernatural wisdom to the doctors, nurses, you, EJ and JJ every step of the way. Praying Philippians 4:4-7 over you. {{hugs}}


  3. I clicked the “Like” not because I like this post, but because I want you to know I am here for you and your family. I would say “numb” pretty much sums up your first feelings. Just know, we don’t live by our feelings, we live by faith. One day at a time. Just hold on tight!


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