College Matters

JJ is recovering nicely, with much less pain and groaning than I expected. He sleeps quite a bit, which is good. His appetite is returning, which is a delight. He had not been hungry for many weeks and had gotten much too thin. JJ said a few days after his surgery that he keeps expecting to “freak out” about all this, but so far he hasn’t felt like freaking out.

JJ’s greatest concern has been his college classes. I contacted Student Services the day before his surgery to tell them what was going on. They were kind, but said JJ needed to sign a waiver so they could give us his information. Silly JJ was supposed to fill it out when he was signing up for classes. He said he had, but he probably forgot. Anyway, I printed off the form before the surgery and JJ filled it out. We had to it again after the surgery because I accidentally knocked my coffee cup and it soaked it. Oops. Monday morning EJ drove to the college to drop it off. He was the best one to do it because I get easily lost. We couldn’t trust me to get there and back again safely.

I also emailed JJ’s college professors to tell them what was happening and how long he’d be gone. One professor, who has JJ in two of his classes, called me on the phone. He said JJ is a nice young man and he had nothing to worry in his classes. He should just concentrate on recovering and he could rejoin the classes at any time. He said at the VERY WORST he would give JJ an incomplete so he can finish the class next term.

Another instructor said JJ would need to withdraw from her class. It’s a math class and he could never keep up after missing so many weeks. Hopefully JJ can also finish that class next term without having to pay for it again. I haven’t heard from the instructor of his final class.

I hope I can get this all resolved.

EJ and I are so very tired now that we can breathe. As soon as EJ left for work today, I curled up on the loveseat and fell asleep for an hour.





One Comment on “College Matters

  1. The Lord’s blessings on the first professor. As a teacher, I cannot imagine asking a student to withdraw rather than helping them do whatever to get it done when they are ready. My prayers for JJ’s recovery and that all else goes well.


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