JJ’s tiredness is understandable, of course, since he just had major surgery. He sleeps until about 1 p.m. He has always been a night-owl so he states up late, but even so I still think he’s getting a lot of extra sleep. That’s good.

After the health scare and all the rushing around we had to do, I suspect that EJ and my bodies are saying, “Now it’s time to REST.” I’ve heard that sometimes after a time of difficulty in which the body has to stay on alert, it will get sick when the “danger” is passed. I sort of wonder if that is what is happening to us. Only, I hope we only get tied and not sick.

EJ has been sleeping better at night, I think, and taking little naps now and then throughout the mornings. Today he was really dragging as he got ready for work. I can’t take morning naps because there is too much that I have to do. By the time EJ leaves for work, I’m so tired that I immediately curl up on the couch. I don’t get much sleep, however, because noises wake me. Today JJ made a noise that scared me awake–I still don’t know what caused it. After I woke, I drowsily laying on the loveseat watching the leaves fall and the clouds drift by outside the window.

Then I remembered that I had to return movies to the library. I had rented a couple so JJ could watch them while he’s laid up on the couch. I brought home another movie today to watch:  The Avengers. We just rented Ironman 3 and I couldn’t remember what had happened in Avengers that gave Tony Stark panic attacks in Ironman 3. I like superhero movies and don’t mind watching them more than once. I wanted to get The Hobbitone of my favorite movies, because EJ said he didn’t remember watching it. We know he did. How can he forget? Anyway, I could also enjoy watching that movie again and again. However, the movie was already rented by someone else. Bummer.

The weather has been getting colder–dipping into the 50s during the day and the 40s or 30s during the night. EJ and I have been debating whether or not it was cold enough to get a fire going I the woodstove. We don’t want to start one before it’s cold enough outside and get overheated. It’s sort of difficult to regulate the heat with a woodstove. We are either too hot or too cold–although, actually, we aren’t ever too cold for very long because we just put more wood in the woodstove and then everyone complains that it is too hot.

I’m waiting for the hours to pass until EJ gets home from work so I can go to bed. As I said, we’ve been tired the last day or two.

4 Comments on “Yawn

    • Thank you, Curious Gal! I made popcorn and I’m curled up on the loveseat getting ready to watch “The Avengers.” If I fall asleep during the movie…yay! Tomorrow we are all going to hangout and rest.

      Take care!


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